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Print Puzzle - "We're Heading to Overtime!" by Barb Olson on 5/26/2021
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1- ___ Genesis (video game name); 5- Something set in the kitchen; 10- Simba's uncle; 14- Russian range; 15- Halifax rockers with the album "12"; 16- D'Azur, d'Or or d'Ivoire; 17- Urging to a hate group newbie?; 20- Brick, or house of brick; 21- "What ___, chopped liver?"; 22- Cried "foul", say; 23- Was impatient with the doorbell; 25- Squirt the turkey; 27- Brigitte doing door-to-door makeup sales?; 32- She played Carla on "Cheers"; 35- Tic-tac-toe dud; 36- Use sneakily, as software; 37- Hockey mom's wheels, maybe; 38- Aficionado, casually; 39- Clunky PC monitor; 40- Smartphone side control: Abbr.; 41- Bick's pickle rival with a stork mascot; 43- Ctry. born on the 4th of July; 44- Montreal-born comic Mort; 45- "Remove all grigio inventory!"?; 48- Tom Petty's "___ Back Down"; 49- Take issue with, in court; 53- Stripe-legged safari sight; 56- Part of TGIF; 58- Teeny bits; 59- Fortune teller's house of cards?; 62- Suffix with cyclo- or cosmo-; 63- Athletic best effort; 64- P.M. time, hastily-written; 65- Cutlass maker, once; 66- Brand name that came to mean "copy"; 67- Didn't get a grip;
1- Product from canes; 2- Chew away at; 3- Zsa Zsa or Eva; 4- Woodcutter with a good opening line?; 5- Classical grp. in Ont.; 6- Prov. with coulees and chinooks; 7- Sound system on a shoulder; 8- Rodeo rope; 9- E.S.L subj.; 10- Shebang, with "the whole"; 11- Farm house with layers?; 12- "Look ___, I'm Sandra Dee"; 13- Bassoonist's buy; 18- Rowlands of "The Notebook"; 19- Provide with gear; 24- A Marx man; 26- TV mob family name; 28- One of five in Kijiji; 29- "___ voom!" ("Hubba hubba!"); 30- "Then again, ...", in a tweet; 31- Title role for Jodie Foster, 1994; 32- Reply to a party planner; 33- TV streaming service; 34- Assessment: Abbr.; 38- Dolt; 39- Forensics show inits.; 42- Easily-donned shoes; 43- Passing muster; 44- Nfld. home to Memorial University; 46- Connect, as gears; 47- Kimono ties indicating marital status; 50- Computer sales?; 51- Prickly plants; 52- Verbally finger-wagged; 53- "The Simpsons" bus driver; 54- A Marx man; 55- Slugger Alex Rodriguez, to fans; 57- Here's-how presentation; 60- Peace, to the Pope; 61- Man's name meaning "king";