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Print Puzzle - "No Harm, No Foul" by Barb Olson on 5/1/2021
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1- Spruces' juices; 5- Skipped town; 9- Canada's ___ Lake Accord (1987); 14- Can be viewed now; 15- "Who Can ___ Now?" (Men At Work); 16- ___-Canada (Esso rival); 17- Act without forethought; 20- Square root of nine; 21- Him: Fr.; 22- Surface for a Zamboni; 23- Cosmetics purveyor Adrien; 24- Do a chore with a needle and a light bulb, maybe; 27- Yin/yang principle; 28- Secret place?; 30- Rodeo loop; 31- "Butt out!" letters; 33- Archie Andrews and Alfred E. Neuman commonality; 37- Does prep work for a seafood bar; 41- From Sochi, say; 42- Paint with a sponge; 44- Work ___ (gallery piece); 47- Tee or tank; 49- Certain pollutant, for short; 50- Gaga over; 54- They're taken by daredevils; 56- W.W.II military zone; 57- Hack (off); 58- Nouveau ___ (opposite of old-money); 59- Be a "creative" bookkeeper, say; 64- "___ up!" (diner cook's call); 65- Barenaked Ladies ballad girl; 66- Swimming competition; 67- Flautist's chances to breathe; 68- Metaphorical do-or-die time; 69- Stick shift vehicles: Abbr.;
1- Little sibling?; 2- Coin holders in cars, maybe; 3- Reject as frivolous; 4- A little night music?; 5- You might blow it while marching; 6- Printer paper size: Abbr.; 7- Virus named for a Congolese river; 8- Raise an objection; 9- U.S. speeding ticket stat; 10- Extra-wide shoe size; 11- Right-and-wrong course; 12- Pains in the neck; 13- "God willing"; 18- Prefix with prompter; 19- 10-year anniversary gift; 23- Convenience store cash box?; 24- Prepare to leave Vancouver's Wreck Beach, maybe; 25- Thin cut; 26- Equipped like a dinghy; 29- Constructions like Noah's; 32- Plants that inspired Velcro; 34- "___ look like your maid?"; 35- Sheraton alternative; 36- "... should come ___ surprise"; 38- Words before deal or rug; 39- Felon's list of "achievements"; 40- Taken in by a scam; 43- Air rifle ammo; 44- Words with "the money" or "the road"; 45- When many sci-fis are set; 46- Not on the same page; 48- "Proper" partner; 51- Club sandwich cousin; 52- Was vocally impressed; 53- Overturn; 55- Long-range WMDs; 58- Donald's lawyer since 2018; 60- Be gifted?; 61- Med. drama settings, often; 62- Winnipeg-born actress Vardalos; 63- T.O.'s Yonge and Bloor;