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Print Puzzle - "Job Action" by Barb Olson on 4/22/2021
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1- Go-nowhere employment; 6- Unappealing to a vegetarian; 11- Bill denomination featuring Viola Desmond; 14- Thin as ___; 15- ___ living (make ends meet); 16- Bouillon cube brand; 17- Linger over at the bar; 19- Cicero's 1900; 20- Checks for minors, for short; 21- They're dropped before elections; 22- Area 51 concerns, it is thought; 23- Botch bigtime at Karaoke; 26- Bits for Bowser; 29- Small Chevy hatchback; 30- Manx cat's lack; 31- Steak with a built-in dog treat; 34- Muppet Beaker's workplace; 37- Mastermind some devious activity; 41- "Z'okay, I guess"; 42- Easy-Off targets; 43- Columnist Bombeck; 44- Point of a fork?; 46- "I Only Have Eyes ___" (song); 48- Fiddle with using Red-Eye Remover, say; 53- Norway's capital; 54- Don't be a homebody; 55- Duds for dreamers, briefly; 58- Paul's role in "Exodus"; 59- Arrange business between buyer and seller; 62- "Not my typo," in text; 63- Not as modest at the beach, say; 64- Off-kilter; 65- The ___ factor (yuckiness); 66- Blackens on the barbeque; 67- Puts in one's two cents, maybe?;
1- "___ Feel Like a Woman" (Shania Twain); 2- Useless gunk; 3- Canning needs; 4- Suffix with Quebec; 5- Made it big in printing?; 6- Field hospital expert; 7- It's honoured on April 22; 8- Crop up; 9- TV's Spike, once; 10- Shaggy ox; 11- Class clown's antics, e.g.; 12- One no longer on a cell plan?; 13- Chinese menu assurance; 18- "Fine" studies; 22- "What's the ___?!" (cry of defeat); 23- Exotic isle near Java; 24- Also-___ (election losers); 25- Opposite of "sans"; 26- Goblet part; 27- Charlie Chaplin prop; 28- Menu-opening mouse function; 31- Arrange, with "up"; 32- Most common eye colour: Abbr.; 33- ___ in "Oscar" (spelling aid); 35- Filler in a magazine?; 36- Nice looking, in Nice; 38- Dairy, for a vegan, e.g.; 39- Happily-after link; 40- Lifesaving fireman, say; 45- "Who am ___ judge?"; 46- Horsemen of the Apocalypse count; 47- Home of the Redblacks; 48- "___ say!" (parent's demand); 49- Courtier ridiculed by Hamlet; 50- Phobia prefix meaning "open spaces"; 51- Fireplace tool; 52- Groundbreaking gardeners; 55- Bottled (up), as anger; 56- A-OK, or a man's name; 57- Stone and Stallone; 59- A channel on the telly; 60- When doubled, gung-ho; 61- Cherry called Grapes;