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Print Puzzle - "Court Cards" by Gene Antonio on 4/20/2021
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1- Fiat; 6- Ending for exist or refer; 10- Start of "The Marine's Hymn"; 14- Player from San Diego; 15- Wrongful act; 16- Home of the National Automobile Museum; 17- Actress Getz; 18- Tom Joad's older brother; 19- Countertenor; 20- JACK; 23- Took charge; 24- Get caught; 25- ___ Schwarz; 28- Consider; 31- Madonna role; 34- E follows them; 36- Lose it; 38- Dislike intensely; 40- QUEEN; 43- Fix firmly; 44- He murdered John Wayne's character in "The Cowboys"; 45- 1920s Fashion illustrator; 46- March honoree, in brief; 48- Part of the Benelux Union (abbr.); 50- More (Spanish); 51- Take on board; 53- Monogram of author of "The Gold Bug"; 55- KING; 61- Prolific author?; 63- "Scram!"; 64- Enterprise alternative; 65- Where heros are made; 66- Running behind; 67- When doubled, it's what a rat does; 68- Singers Jones or James; 69- King Henry VII founded it; 70- Place for a bout;
1- It has a cast of thousands; 2- South Pacific edible root; 3- The same as mentioned, in bibliographical citations; 4- Basket for fish; 5- Took care of; 6- Roman god Vulcan lived beneath it; 7- Lunch time; 8- Bellyaches; 9- Organic chemical; 10- Easily broken; 11- Depend; 12- Toronto's prov.; 13- Lea low; 21- That is (Latin); 22- Involving warships; 25- They come and go; 26- Helps at a heist; 27- Certain music ensemble; 29- It's nicknamed "Queen Wheat City of Oklahoma"; 30- Expert; 32- Unit of heat energy; 33- Main artery; 35- Festival of Apollo in ancient Athens; 37- Pierre's pop; 39- Some shots; 41- "___ De Lune"; 42- Computer key; 47- Consisting of three parts; 49- Island nation capital; 52- Social distinction; 54- Relating to hair; 55- Blockhead; 56- Traveler to Oz; 57- Wilfred who wrote "Dulce et Decorum est"; 58- May Whitty for one; 59- Sign; 60- Parks on a bus; 61- Fruit drink; 62- Seine;