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Print Puzzle - "Jailhouse Mock" by Barb Olson on 4/19/2021
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1- Restaurant in a folkie tune; 7- Order to clean out one's desk, say; 11- This country: Abbr.; 14- "Nothing to report"; 15- GPS offerings; 16- Published, as an ad; 17- Prison wardens?; 19- ___ need-to-know basis; 20- "Good" days at Easter: Abbr.; 21- Cook in a 350°F oven, say; 22- Money that can buy freedom; 23- "Ali ___ and the Forty Thieves"; 24- Prison with flimsy walls and laughable locks?; 26- Vodka drink at a Tiki bar; 28- Supporters of the arts?; 29- Man. clock setting; 30- Supertramp's "Crime ___ Century"; 34- Snatcher's target; 35- Prison guard's toxic workplace?; 37- "The ___ Aquarius"; 40- "When pigs fly!"; 41- Throw in; 44- Brightened naturally; 46- Clover Leaf smoked item; 48- Swear off going back to prison?; 52- Lifts up a skirt, in a way; 53- Plato's promenade; 54- Yearly physical, for one; 55- Sex at a stag party; 56- Way off; 57- Prison proprietors?; 60- Smelter stuff; 61- Garfunkel and Carney; 62- Bit in a Lowney's Glosette; 63- Blog feed letters; 64- '90s video game island; 65- Daisy type or soft drink brand;
1- Mandela's pol. org.; 2- Plant-based skin scrubbers; 3- Circling, as a satellite; 4- ___ disease (gluten-related illness); 5- Feta cheese milk sources; 6- Many a -stan ctry., once; 7- Go ballistic; 8- "May ___ your order?"; 9- Unwanted photography pupil?; 10- Frowned-on suffix, these days; 11- Singer with a sore throat, maybe; 12- Noted Trump acquaintance Stormy; 13- Study in great detail; 18- "Game of Thrones" channel; 22- Deckhand boss; 23- Secretly keep in an email loop; 24- '60s stereo system; 25- Very thin, as onionskin; 27- Go on foot, slangily; 31- Armchair athlete's Cdn. channel; 32- You might hit the dirt with it; 33- Card carrying item: Abbr.; 35- "... yellow ___ dot bikini"; 36- Bottom-rung drudge; 37- Demands, but nicely; 38- Geddy Lee's 250 or so; 39- Ovation rewards, often; 41- Had smaller servings; 42- Point that's a strike against; 43- Titles for Ph.Ds; 45- TV's "The Big Bang ___"; 47- Twain with a twang; 49- Areas noted by nervous flyers; 50- Is able to, to Shakespeare; 51- Cheque fig.; 55- "Kisses, dahling!"; 57- Photocopying snag; 58- Places you leave in stitches, for short?; 59- Winter fall, to a Scot;