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Print Puzzle - "It's a Living" by Barb Olson on 4/12/2021
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1- Unlucky event; 7- Clouseau or Gadget: Abbr.; 11- Gretzky's U.S. team: Abbr.; 14- City of senators and Senators; 15- Car stereo must-have in the '80s; 17- Employment for a priest's tailor?; 19- Berne's river; 20- ___ de mer (seasickness); 21- Cal. day after Labour Day; 22- CFL 6-pointers; 23- "Told ya!"; 24- Electrical panel; 28- Employment for a user's guide writer?; 30- Lacey loop; 33- "It's the ___ thing" (Coke's old slogan); 34- "All aboard!" depot: Abbr.; 35- "Blessed ___ who comes in the name of the Lord"; 36- Indicates for the future; 38- A nephew of Donald Duck; 39- Canada's smallest prov.; 40- Relocate; 41- Trick sticks; 42- Employment for a hair stylist, at times?; 46- One who sticks with his sword?; 47- Attila was one; 48- R.C.M.P. detachment boss; 51- 551, in Roman numerals; 52- Yvette's yes; 53- Call from Gilligan; 54- Employment for a bounty sheriff?; 59- Musical spoof with a holy grail; 60- Land assets in a will; 61- Voice, as a grievance; 62- "A ___'clock scholar..."; 63- Some internet interviews;
1- Order of Canada recipient Farley; 2- "___ to Be You" (Sinatra hit); 3- Mixes Bond's martini wrong; 4- Find despicable; 5- "Shock and ___" (Reiner war movie); 6- Pellet gobbler at an arcade; 7- "___ all work out in the end"; 8- Suffix with inter- or mater-; 9- Tools to put the icing on the cake; 10- Detailed reading; 11- Supposed leader of the zodiac pack; 12- Not Dn., in a crossword; 13- Hooded racist grp.; 16- Nerdy girl's beau, likely; 18- "Hawaii Five-O" isle; 23- High fashion item?; 24- Go on the lam; 25- Ship's cargo officer, for short; 26- Spilled the beans on; 27- Interior shots?; 28- He gives Homer Duff; 29- Juno-winning Jann; 30- Miss Longstocking; 31- "Forgive me if ___ distracted ..."; 32- Smoke detector's low-battery alert; 36- Barely-alive lazy; 37- "Your turn", on a CB; 38- Montreal NHLer, to fans; 40- Food court hangabout; 41- Was the most below par?; 43- "___, I'm Adam" (palindrome); 44- Goon with a gun; 45- Morning glassfuls, often; 48- Skinflinty; 49- Sonneteer, on the Somme; 50- Minstrels' mini-harps; 52- Clued in about; 53- Like a culture vulture; 54- Mandela's ctry.; 55- ___Pen (life-saving injector); 56- It's waged; 57- Electron or proton; 58- Pop the question;