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Print Puzzle - "In Mixed Company" by Barb Olson on 4/8/2021
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1- Way out there, as an idea; 6- Tow line at Whistler Blackcomb; 10- Alta. or P.E.I.; 14- Make ___ (do business); 15- Considerable weight; 16- Actress Olin of "Chocolat"; 17- Levels the building of a defunct retail company?; 19- "I'll make it a true Daily Double, ___"; 20- Place for a Ban substance?; 21- Take a long shot, literally; 22- Sty reply; 24- One who gives in to subscribing to a Canadian streaming company?; 27- "Woman" dedicatee; 28- French partner of "ne"; 29- Lynne's band since 1970, for short; 30- Hectic hosp. sites; 31- Act the helicopter parent; 33- Hasbro's "game of unspeakable fun"; 35- Stories we've heard a million times about Musk's car company?; 41- Rid of the hiccups, in a way; 42- "My sense is ..."; 43- Hope to be paid, on eBay; 46- Belief or practice; 47- 007's creator Fleming; 49- ___ Fridays (restaurant); 50- Apron-clad servants at a muffler company?; 53- Stack one inside the other; 54- "Beauty and the Beast" beauty; 55- Cold cuts cutter; 57- Assessment: Abbr.; 58- Assigns stars to a mattress company?; 62- Work on a fixer-upper, briefly; 63- ___ about (roughly); 64- Tough-to-translate phrase; 65- Squad V.I.P.; 66- Animal houses; 67- Like a chick flick, stereotypically;
1- Bellicose-sounding card game; 2- Aspirin bottle abbr.; 3- Lover of 18th-century Italy; 4- Mandela colleague F.W. de ___; 5- Reply to a school marm, maybe; 6- Other people's; 7- ___ hasty retreat; 8- Egypt's cont.; 9- Twitter shares: Abbr.; 10- Strategy to start with; 11- Experience over; 12- Single-item limit, with "customer"; 13- Anti-___ (immunization refusers); 18- Critter caring org.; 21- "Boot ___ Boogie" (classic line dancing song); 22- Partners of "aahs"; 23- Facing "sudden death," for short; 25- Scaloppini meat; 26- Isle fled by Napoleon; 28- To the letter; 32- Golf pro Ernie; 33- Taoist Lao-___; 34- Bad hiring choice for a china shop; 36- Whence a cartoon "devil": Abbr.; 37- "At Wit's End" columnist Bombeck; 38- "Fire away!"; 39- Med. head line readers?; 40- Skirt side feature; 43- Get-ready-to-stop colours; 44- Lousy goalies, in hockey slang; 45- Canadian diva who performs barefoot; 47- Fuming drive-thru customers?; 48- Just the way you see it; 51- Divvy out; 52- "Not true!" retort; 53- "Do you ___ hand?"; 56- National spy agcy.; 58- Frasier's call screener; 59- Year, on the Yucatבn; 60- Old spinning toy; 61- Singer Winehouse;