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Print Puzzle - "Gender Equal Farmyard" by Barb Olson on 3/29/2021
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1- Old Apple computer for schools; 5- Pox marks; 10- Rock band whose lead singer quit due to hearing loss; 14- It's new in an Atlantic province?; 15- Complaint of a stiffed server; 16- Something to aim for in carpentry; 17- ___ before noon (no later than 12:00); 18- Break down, as trust; 19- "There ___ I in 'team'"; 20- * Like a ______ (clumsy); 23- TV host who says "Thank you, Johnny" on each show; 24- '50s Ford flop; 25- * As rare as ______; 30- The ___ Gang of Idiots ("Mad Magazine" staff); 31- Words of speculation; 32- 5% levy in most of Cda.; 35- Lighter alternative to naan; 38- Drink after blowing off steam?; 39- "With this ring ___..."; 42- The Weeknd's genre; 45- * You can't make a silk purse ______; 49- Put down new roots, in a way; 50- Strategic gain; 53- * Three ______ (troll's targets in a fairy tale); 57- Battery terminal buildup; 58- Hang ___ (frequent); 59- Word-of-mouth; 60- Northwest Territories' official language; 61- Mutual give-and-take?; 62- Tulsa's state: Abbr.; 63- One a-leaping in a song; 64- Equally awful; 65- Turn to mush;
1- Pass into law; 2- Glider plane's lack; 3- Firm arguer; 4- Head on a quarter's tails; 5- Arrives suddenly, with "on"; 6- Alternative to "boeuf" or "poulet"; 7- Flip side intro, in a tweet; 8- More mom-proof, as a dorm; 9- Isn't miserly with; 10- Licorice liqueur source; 11- Like most of Sweden's retail now; 12- Pebbles' purple pet; 13- Hoof-on-pavement sound; 21- Trendy up-and-comers; 22- ___ spumante (wine); 26- "The way" of the East; 27- Ontario home of a famous gorge; 28- Mai ___ (cocktail meaning "good"); 29- Leg of a rt. triangle; 32- PC pic file; 33- Bering or Bosporus: Abbr.; 34- More feather-ruffling; 36- Cousin of .zip; 37- Stuck to one's guns; 40- Made more readable, say; 41- Like physics for Einstein, likely; 43- Successor to Mao; 44- Boozy brawl site, maybe; 46- Colombia's capital; 47- What the nose knows; 48- Boxer-turned-actor Mickey; 51- Take ___ (tumble); 52- C sharp equivalent; 53- Pepper partner, to a chemist; 54- Bat beginner; 55- Words after run or pay; 56- "Look what I did!";