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Print Puzzle - "Disorderly Conduct" by Barb Olson on 3/26/2021
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1- L x VI; 4- "___ Children" (sequel to a beloved deer story); 10- Range once crossed by elephants; 14- "That feels so-o good"; 15- Preferring Gen Nexters to Gen Xers, say; 16- Bangkok currency; 17- Safe for highway driving; 19- "Take it as ___ not at all"; 20- The masses, as a whole; 21- Zeus's island birthplace; 22- "... , ___ sure you're all aware"; 23- She played Phoebe on "Friends"; 26- 22:00; 28- Building material for Quיbec's Hפtel de Glace; 29- Scot's opposite of "tak"; 30- Mama's boy?; 32- Cheek swab stuff; 33- Put up the money for; 34- Turning to internet users for ideas and services; 38- Prom goer, likely; 39- Wrinkly-faced pooch; 40- "Exodus" actor Mineo; 41- Off one's food, maybe; 42- Rush frontman Geddy; 43- Get-ready-to-stop colour; 47- Sources of hot air at a salon; 52- Title for Maggie Smith; 53- Click to send; 54- Devilish; 56- Snowbirds' identifying features, maybe; 57- Anagram game that's depicted literally in 17-, 23-, 34- and 47-Across; 59- Suit to ___; 60- In ___, out the other; 61- Yiddish "sheesh!"-es; 62- Some Edwards, for short; 63- Some point-and-shoot brands; 64- Doofus;
1- Criticize constantly; 2- Get off the fence; 3- "Cats in the Cradle" singer Harry; 4- Have a wail of a time?; 5- Set ___ (aim to do); 6- "Bienvenue" elicitor; 7- Is a major bummer; 8- "Kinda"; 9- Place where the food is slop; 10- "I'm Like ___" (Nelly Furtado hit); 11- "Zapper" in a tag game; 12- Pointing and shooting, say; 13- Scattered, as hay; 18- Uses as an (often unwilling) shoulder; 21- Pool hall wall hanging; 24- Northern Japanese native; 25- Chryslers following the J and M series; 27- Cut blades with blades, say; 31- Supporter of Jagmeet Singh, e.g.; 32- Member of a K9 unit; 33- The silver screen world; 34- Pen pal?; 35- Like a popular library book, maybe; 36- Chop ___ (stir-fry dish); 37- Countrywide car club: Abbr.; 38- Dalai Lama, ethnically; 42- The "bad" cholesterol: Abbr.; 44- Finale for Rocky?; 45- Carr and Brontכ; 46- Teacher's coffee break, perhaps; 48- Smartens (up); 49- English king, 946-55; 50- "___ painted pony let the spinning wheel ..." (song lyric); 51- White's "Wheel of Fortune" partner; 55- Prickly plant seeds; 57- Moo goo gai pan pan; 58- Singer/artist Yoko;