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Print Puzzle - "And There's More" by Barb Olson on 3/20/2021
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1- Chaos that's "wreaked"; 6- More suited; 11- Place for a pooch's pad; 14- "I am just ___ boy..." ("The Boxer" lyric); 15- Prefix meaning "time"; 16- "There's an ___ for that"; 17- Dog with a nose for clip-out deals?; 19- "Super juice" in a curvy bottle; 20- Private cooks?; 21- "Educating Rita" star Michael; 22- Kind of centre or room; 23- Is a loyal Victoria's Secret shopper?; 27- Sign of life; 29- With a spinning action; 30- Hockey's Ducks, on a scoreboard; 31- Dull film for a costume designer; 34- Olive in the funnies; 35- "Tell me we're not having minestrone!"; 39- Purch. duty in most of Cda.; 40- Happy-sounding laundry brand; 41- Gold wts.; 42- British postwar P.M.; 44- Devil-may-care binge; 46- Building dome shaped like a maraschino fruit?; 50- Tolkien tree creature; 51- Occupied, as a restroom; 52- Prefix with -tope or -bar; 55- Third degree?; 56- "That makes sense now" ... and a hint to this puzzle's theme; 59- Nunavut strait named for explorer John; 60- Cook under a hot grill; 61- Easy-peasy crossword clue, say; 62- Until now, to CPAs; 63- Spritz sprays; 64- Keep an ___ (monitor);
1- Computer break-in; 2- Per item; 3- "Tu" for two?; 4- Alley-___ (Raptors pass); 5- Spring bulb; 6- ___ off the old block; 7- Audio-jack label; 8- Less likely to have an affair; 9- Timeless time; 10- Ring-shaped: Abbr.; 11- Job for a bag-toting kid on a bike; 12- Dystopian movie subject; 13- Keyboardist's stat; 18- Neck part near a shirt tag; 22- Ballpark fig.; 23- Do in, Bible-style; 24- Brainless boob; 25- "___ So High" (Tal Bachman hit); 26- Word div.; 27- Take up a collection; 28- Left without supervision; 31- Turndown from a lassie; 32- One-eighty on the highway; 33- ICU patient's "leave me be"; 36- Cake decorator; 37- Those guys; 38- Cajun stew veggie; 39- School PTA grp., in Canada; 43- Track syst., as Calgary's CTrain; 44- "Slammin' Sammy"; 45- Sworn oath; 47- Torino ta-tas; 48- Like a smokeless cigar, maybe; 49- Opens some doors; 52- "Woe ___!"; 53- It means "wrestle" in Japanese; 54- Golf or tennis competition; 55- Use a crowbar; 56- "Think" computer brand; 57- "Three" prefix; 58- Handy-Andy's letters;