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Print Puzzle - "What's It All About, Alpha" by Barb Olson on 3/17/2021
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1- "It's a ___... World" (classic crazy comedy); 7- Hits home?: Abbr.; 11- Private Facebook convos; 14- Baskets for bass; 15- Dusks, poetically; 16- "Forget it, laddie!"; 17- Top Tibetan monk, to the Greek?; 19- "___ we there yet?"; 20- Letter-shaped sink pipe; 21- One of three on "Let's Make a Deal"; 22- Take a turn with a bottle in a game; 23- Coagulate; 24- Greek coffeehouse brew?; 26- "Use the force, Luke" speaker; 28- Red jewellery stone; 29- Cyclist's stretchy fabric; 33- Oyster shell lining; 34- Greek version of a Dick Van Patten sitcom?; 37- Like Madame Tussauds figures; 39- Easy ___ (dead simple); 40- French loan word for a sum-up; 42- Stripe-legged African animals; 47- Greek's old-timey record player?; 51- ___ fire under (spurred on); 52- Assns.; 53- "Mutter"'s boy; 54- "Why not, there's ___ against it"; 55- Adverb ending?; 56- Joky term for one's spouse, to the Greek?; 58- "Hush up" contract: Abbr.; 59- Assassinated P.M. of Italy, 1978; 60- Norse king called "The Fat"; 61- Lang. of many Mennonites; 62- Miniscule; 63- VW car name meaning "trade winds";
1- Uncle Scrooge's surname; 2- Having growth potential, as a farm; 3- Explorer Ponce ___; 4- Have as one's intention; 5- Keep ___ on (stay mum about); 6- Dial-up alternative, briefly; 7- Tend to another wet spill; 8- '40s jazz genre; 9- Dressed for Pride, say; 10- U.S. benefits agcy.; 11- Only if absolutely necessary; 12- "Ancient" one in a rime; 13- [Check out details below]; 18- "Bleak House" heroine; 22- Scrawny creature; 24- "... ___ yippee yippee yay"; 25- Canadian, slangily; 27- White, like the film's "casa"; 30- Product testing org.; 31- Dwelling, for short; 32- Good buy from Sajak for the word "Canada"; 34- Model to be emulated; 35- Nicholson's "___ of Endearment"; 36- Clarinet cousin; 37- Finger-___ (chastising); 38- Procession that "everybody loves"; 41- Result when all is said and done; 43- Hilo hellos; 44- Rice/broth concoctions; 45- Pisa's place, to Pisans; 46- Deemed appropriate; 48- Pre-seeders, often; 49- "Can't wait!"; 50- 180° from SSW; 54- Simba's sweetie; 56- "Stop! My virgin ears!"; 57- Often-dibsed bunk bed;