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Print Puzzle - "Poetic License" by Barb Olson on 2/19/2021
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1- Letters on old Russian hockey jerseys; 5- Deep-six; 10- Mmes. of Madrid; 14- "It was ___ could do not to ..."; 15- Coeur d'___, Idaho; 16- Companion of circumstance; 17- Essayist Francis in a frazzled state?; 19- Isn't just borrowing; 20- White-collar worker?; 21- Teary woman turned to stone, in myth; 23- Spiral, as in a fingerprint; 25- What smells on poet Alexander?; 28- Decked out; 30- Painting and craft market; 31- Peter, Paul and Mary, e.g.: Abbr.; 32- Roly-poly; 35- H-shaped Greek letters; 36- Like a book with all of "Birches" poet's works removed?; 39- Roman emperor after Galba; 42- Amazon's biz; 43- Levy not charged in the N.W.T.; 46- Danced, or dashed; 49- ___ whites (teeth); 51- Essayist Charles' lower limb?; 54- Contenders; 55- Literature Nobelist Mario Vargas ___; 56- Connor McDavid's hockey team; 58- Problem if you lose your wallet, perhaps; 59- Poet Ezra's scribbled thoughts?; 63- There no more; 64- "Bah!"-sayer's look; 65- Winnipeg campus, for short; 66- "0" keypad letters; 67- Right directions?; 68- Explosives, initially;
1- Half-___ coffee; 2- Shower head cleaner in TV ads; 3- Easily donned bowties; 4- Trudeau who said "Fuddle-duddle"; 5- Tonto's "Kemo ___"; 6- Bracelet fastener; 7- Right-hand page of a book; 8- Span of 365 "días"; 9- "Happy Feet" singer Fred; 10- Treated like a baby at dinnertime, in a way; 11- Craft that goes "gently down the stream"; 12- One reason to forget; 13- Bee contestant's concerns: Abbr.; 18- Make less stiff, in a way; 22- "Studier of" suffix; 23- Part of W.P.M: Abbr.; 24- Cool, paradoxically; 26- ___ visit (drops in on); 27- Ambulance destinations, often; 29- Buf-___ (facial sponge); 33- Dutch city close to Belgium; 34- CAPTCHA catch; 36- Annoyingly altruistic type; 37- Change in a restaurant, maybe; 38- Not quite a dozen; 39- Sausage-shaped: Abbr.; 40- Spinning skating jump; 41- Mark that a curling rock must cross; 43- Reform Party's Manning; 44- Camera type, for short; 45- Baseball's Cobb and others; 47- Uncertainties; 48- Go by, as time; 50- Open all the windows, say; 52- Pouty faces; 53- Intelligence studier Alfred; 57- Mgrs., capts., P.M.s, etc.; 58- "... B-I-___, and Bingo was his ..."; 60- Adam and Eve ___ raft (egg order); 61- New newt; 62- Texting format, in brief;