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Print Puzzle - ""And I Quote..." – (Black History Month)" by Jared Goudsmit on 2/18/2021
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1- Rifts; 5- Q-tip, e.g.; 9- Intends (to); 14- ___ vera; 15- Org. in "The Martian"; 16- Stay home for supper; 17- "The only tired I was, was tired of giving in."; 19- Sing like a bird; 20- Break into bits; 21- Fix in place; 23- Bambi, e.g.; 24- Convent-ional sort?; 25- Mathematician Lovelace; 27- Parts of the spine; 31- Mountainous; 33- Pac-Man pellet; 36- "So I'll go to jail, so what? We've been in jail for 400 years."; 38- 500 sheets of paper; 40- "The Jungle Book" bear; 41- Latin musician Puente; 42- "We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society."; 45- Rapper Lil ___ X; 46- Kate McCallister, to Kevin in "Home Alone"; 47- New ___ (capital of India); 49- Go ___ (flip out); 50- Summer mo.; 52- St. Louis' "Gateway to the West"; 55- Talks about incessantly; 58- Angsty modern music hybrid; 60- Played charades; 61- "The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression."; 63- Justice Kagan; 64- Back of the neck; 65- Mail deliverers at Hogwarts; 66- Toy bear; 67- Zealous fan, slangily; 68- Word after acid or aptitude;
1- Apparel; 2- Audibly; 3- Entourage; 4- Like passengers during takeoff; 5- Suddenly lose patience; 6- "Apocalypse Now" subject; 7- ___ for it (invites trouble); 8- Bathroom fixture; 9- Flower in the nightshade family; 10- Tomb raider ___ Croft; 11- Up to one's usual antics; 12- Where the Rosetta Stone was found; 13- Show with David S. Pumpkins, for short; 18- Jewish festival usually in March; 22- State of confusion; 26- "Later, amigo!"; 28- Outbacks and Foresters; 29- Nation bordering Sudan; 30- Soup alternative; 32- Banned insecticide; 33- ___ queen; 34- Wine connoisseur; 35- Took turns in wrestling; 37- "Outta my way!"; 39- [Shrug]; 43- February 29; 44- Longtime SeaWorld attraction; 48- Sci-fi classic by Isaac Asimov; 51- Formal evening attire; 53- Actor Russell; 54- Pours frozen rain; 56- Tear to bits; 57- Tidy; 58- Biblical paradise; 59- "Hey, over here!"; 60- Became acquainted with; 62- "___ Free" (label on a plastic bottle);