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Print Puzzle - "Anything Cockney up to twin" by Kim R-squared on 10/29/2009
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5- Cockney regard for stool pigeon (4); 7- and 16 Down Buggy buddy burrows and gets unknown painful modern wrist disorder (6,6,7); 9- Organ recipe: sear, fry at 100 first (7); 10- Mess up Princess’s royal upturned face (7); 11- Hazard British and French (3); 12- Interview with 70’s rock band (3); 13- New article on tense has influence on a language of a country (8); 14- Sixth sense about sports channel cut-off (3); 18- Bath is up, however (3); 19- Put your butts in the messy trash say (8); 20- Hear your turn (3); 21- Moose masticates most seaweed (3); 23- Friend reads charter about gun club (7); 24- Leaflet sounds like it will convince your sibling (8); 26- Mother after representation of ferns (12); 27- Stay down, I hear a raft (4);
1- Almond sweet I hear ruins a dish (8); 2- Flavour of print same sort (9); 3- Fairy tale character to trill to boyfriend, Tyrone, while keeping another boy quiet (8,6); 4- Bum has curious power (4); 5- Alfred upset when he lost daughter in bonfire (5); 6- Know nothing of skies, soaring or swooping? First visit Daedalus! (7); 8- Small robotics could possibly hone gnat colony (14); 11- Second trickle is grim (5); 15- Description of welcome for Mr Smith when his ring was stolen and replaced with another article (9); 16- See 7 Across; 17- See ye be up to everything (7); 22- Tree growing from a magic acorn? (5); 25- The left sea contains newts (4);