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Print Puzzle - "Single in the money" by Kim R-squared on 10/27/2009
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1- Every uncreative person has undergone irritating struggles to inventing characters at first when writing in an ornate way (10); 6- One very loud Christian association is unpredictable (4); 9- Mathematical strategies may get hero confused (4,6); 10- Pray with one’s husband (4); 12- Badly sung, all deny a Burns poem (4,4,4); 15- Distinguished girl, one seen in city council (7); 17- Soothing ointment from Punjab almond (4); 20- Eggs left egg-shaped (4); 21- Snatch spot back from baseball team (7); 23- Santa Claus’s naughty elk risks grin (5,7); 27- Bird never heard inside (4); 28- Denounce dark screen (10); 29- Mixed up two streets and went astray (4); 30- Despairingly, Holy See records disaster (10);
1- Coverless ledger gives advantage (4); 2- Cat’s aide holds university major (4); 3- Most unfaithful nutters broke up first before ... (8); 4- ... putting charm into fling to be tossed by the sea (5); 5- Fantasy led a Tahitian to use infra-red on Brazilian currency first (9); 7- Fiery Atlas tamed in stories (5,5); 8- Jehovah? You are having weird experiences up top! (5); 11- Example of the seventh circle? (3); 13- At church, prostitute talks back! (4); 14- Engineer entered ‘climbing equipment’ for rifleman (10); 16- Smoke in one Georgia trench surrounded by carbon monoxide (9); 18- Mother’s heroin press! (4); 19- Continuously variable signal made by manipulating aloe and a gnu (8); 22- Application of house snake entrails (3); 23- Fate of Egyptian soul holding gun (5); 24- Take no notice of unfortunate echidna in corner (5); 25- Admit quiet donkey (4); 26- Lazily look into ovoid lymph node (4);