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Print Puzzle - "B.C. Kris Movie Crossword #4" by Kris Gilpin on 10/16/2009
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1- Mssr. Serrault of La Cage Aux Folles.; 3- Pacino is the charismatic leader of a CIA unit ('03).; 8- Aka movie studios.; 9- German director of 7 Down.; 10- Notorious Bettie Page concerned said ___-up queen.; 11- 1931 still-bestselling book, Joy of _______.; 12- Depp played a musical juvenile delinquent in this '90 comedy.; 14- Controversial Denmark director of Breaking the Waves & Dancer in the Dark.; 17- Popular R. Pirsig bestseller ___ & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.; 18- What they used to say in the old swashbuckler movies (U.S. spelling/pronounciation).; 21- The Thin Man's Asta was this type of woofer.; 23- Tommy's beautiful actress daughter, ___ Dawn Chong.; 24- Great Who album, Live at _____.; 25- Peter O'Toole was nominated for this 2006 dramedy.; 27- Julia, to Eric Roberts.; 28- TV show, ___ Tac Dough.; 29- Zevon or Beatty.; 31- '90: M. Gibson & G. Hawn, Bird __ _ Wire.; 32- A "short" Ensign.; 33- Cary Grant & wife were ghosts in this 1937 comedy.; 34- Gerald ______, animation director on Pink Floyd: The Wall.;
1- Terrence ______, brilliant, visual director of Badlands & The New World.; 2- Not-bad Meg Ryan, '98, U.S. remake of 7 Down.; 3- '82, Nick Nolte: Cannery ___, from Steinbeck's book.; 4- Hilarious Terry Southern novel/bad '68 Brando comedy.; 5- What the late, great Hawaiian IZ Kamakawiwo'ole played when he sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."; 6- Popular '71 foreign film, How _____ Was My Little Frenchman.; 7- Popular '87 German film about angels who give up their ethereal lives to become human/experience love.; 9- '04, ___ a Date with Tad Hamilton!; 10- Short but sweet Pink Floyd song: "____ on the Wing."; 12- Harold and Maude made his pretty music very popular.; 13- Aka album-oriented rock.; 14- ___ Deighton, popular mystery writer.; 15- Van Gogh gave up one of his.; 16- Great, incredibly prolific film composer Ennio _________.; 17- '81 pseudo-musical with Edward J. Olmos, ____ ____.; 19- The _____, '74 Pam Grier actioner.; 20- Hal Needham, Lori Loughlin movie about BMX racing (1986).; 22- Millionaire rock & roll drummer (with 26 Down).; 26- (See 22 Down.); 30- In Paris their films said "Fin" instead of this.;