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Print Puzzle - "Didn't He Do Well" by Dean Rockett on 1/4/2006
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8- Juicy, abundant; 9- Method of payment; 10- Snub, disregard; 11- Able to read and write; 12- Dawn; 14- Saudi Arabia's largest city; 16- Pre-owned; 17- This is needed to mail a letter; 18- Stop the car and get out; 19- Where St Francis was from; 21- Without leaks; 23- Enquire about; 26- Surgical stitch; 27- Device used to harness the natural energy of the sun; 28- Require;
1- Darkened spectacles; 2- Pulsated; 3- Strategy, connive; 4- Room in a jail; 5- Presents are covered in this; 6- Disease caused by a lack of vitamin C; 7- Slow run; 13- ___ bear, not really a bear, but a marsupial; 15- Outside bets; 17- Support hoops for jockeys; 18- Immaculate; 20- Permanently frozen area; 22- Sound, steal cattle; 24- Greek god; 25- Part of the body - has fingers attached;