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Print Puzzle - "B.C. Kris Movie Crossword #2" by Kris Gilpin on 9/29/2009
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1- The late, great Ox played this for the Who.; 3- What writers & fans of Philip K. Dick call him.; 5- '04: ___ in the Floor.; 7- A Gershwin; 10- McQueen & Brosnan both played him.; 11- Paul McC. song: "English ___."; 12- Poet Arthur _____ (1877-1908); 14- Old PC platform; 15- What Mother's called in London.; 16- The real "name" on the grave in Good, Bad & Ugly.; 17- Compass point; 19- He created the Spaghetti Western (1964).; 22- This Roth was the Basterd with the bat in popular 2009 film.; 23- Replaced the SSAT & the HSCT in 1998.; 24- Bobby D. (DeNiro) epic, with gorgeous E. Morricone soundtrack ('86).; 27- An illiterate Bobby D. in Stanley & ___.; 28- Players from Boston.; 30- Bobby D. has a stroke ('99).; 33- Great character actor Jackie _____ Haley.; 35- Dummkopf; 36- '65: King ___, with George Segal.; 37- Shockingly, Bobby D. is killed halfway through this ('01).; 38- '39 book/'06 film: ___ the Dust.;
1- Bobby D. plays with fire in '91.; 2- Bobby D.'s frequent director.; 4- He co-starred in I Love You to Death.; 6- Bobby D. in realistic-looking car chases in France.; 7- Popular comedy: Lost __ _______.; 8- My fave 19 Across Western: Once Upon _ ___ __ ___ ____.; 9- Terrible U.S. title for A Fistful of Dynamite.; 13- Bobby D.'s 2001 film with Brando.; 18- Narcissist's love; 20- What celebs take to award shows.; 21- He played The Bad.; 25- Richard Dreyfuss was a washed-up film director in this early film.; 26- "If they move, ____ '__!" (Said before Peckinpah's credit in The Wild Bunch.); 29- He fought in 3 Star Wars.; 31- The state Univ. in Louisiana.; 32- Meg Tilly to Jennifer.; 34- Who you call for a jump start.;