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Print Puzzle - "New one" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 6/25/2009
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1- .First male worker's stubborn (7); 5- .What astronomer is to moon starer? (7); 9- .She oversees dinosaur bones and mummies, for example (7); 10- .Matador's tool's a danger warning (3,4); 11- .Not drunk but bores horribly (5); 12- .Cleaner plays on in the afternoons (4,5); 13- .Endless quota? It's proportional! (5); 14- .Cut through center - it's weird! (9); 17- .True, no car wreck can hold an anecdotist (9); 19- .Gold coin in duct covered article (5); 22- .Crazy balls I rid for a cue sport (9); 25- .Similar to two peas in a pod (5); 26- .Short Albert's set? Over by now (7); 27- .Suppress short operation with journalists (7); 28- .That's the limit! It's too much! (7); 29- .Racket with ragged tear can drive off track (7);
1- .Finger pointer's weird curse follows a coarse beginner (7); 2- .Trapeze artist can open files in printable document format, too! (7); 3- .No fate nor twist later than 12? (9); 4- .Baffle gate's rut lets in change (9); 5- .The largest vessel in India or Taiwan? (5); 6- .Applaud ionians with sounds - not just clapping! (5); 7- .Ease, perhaps by replacement (7); 8- .Settler from afar twists rag into money maker (7); 15- .Beat corn past limit (9); 16- .Welcome your guests with this - they'll feel like royalty! (3,6); 17- .Big care resolved for bony lung protector (3,4); 18- .The guilty one makes a rip in cult (7); 20- .Egyptian sun god follows bell to catch Greek monster (7); 21- .Short travesty - motive is betrayal! (7); 23- .A gem I sculpted into a likeness (5); 24- .Goes with time, chime and prime? (5);