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Print Puzzle - "Good Game" by Dean Rockett on 1/1/2006
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6- Adult; 7- Concur; 9- Bear who lives in Jellystone Park; 10- Eradicate; 11- Person who claims to be someone else; 13- Household mission; 15- Sean Connery is one, because he was born in Edinburgh; 17- Fruit used to make wine; 18- Tot of whiskey; 19- Piece of jewellery worn to deter evil spirits; 20- Conjurer; 23- Cage used by fishermen to trap crustaceans; 26- Fewer; 27- Rub out; 28- Test distance or length;
1- Not vertical; 2- Young child; 3- Revolve; 4- Fine wool made from goat hair; 5- Unwritten exam; 6- He marries the bride; 8- Baltic country; 12- Kingdom; 14- Absurd; 16- Write music; 17- Collected; 21- Black Forest ___, type of cake; 22- 6 down will be waiting at the end of this!; 24- Celestial body; 25- Device used to inflate;