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Print Puzzle - "Meteorological Charm" by Gareth Bain on 4/9/2009
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7- Hoarse theme song once remixed is attractive (9,6); 9- Musical instrument that is picked but Mort begins the wrong way (8); 10- Museum has knowledge about dangerous rays (6); 11- Automatically misconstrue topic about sofa (4,5); 13- Girl on diet processed with hydrogen (5); 15- Understand part of a number (5); 17- Sculptor has arrived, in a way, we hear (5); 20- Novelist hears a waterfall (5); 21- Fertilizer? (5,4); 25- Inform regarding irregular nuclei (4,2); 26- Jude went back, acted like a real cow and lay in the mud (8); 28- Aw! The Deer Hunter is feeling down (5,3,7);
1- Pick-up line? (3,4); 2- Christiana now alone, broken up (4); 3- Properly dressed fashion rounds off a good man, in short (6); 4- Go slowly and risk losing its head (5); 5- Strange ideas about antelope embodied in hymn (5,3); 6- Produce and release arcane drug (7); 8- Mosh crazily with duck creature that Capp created (5); 12- Monster returns as comic alter ego (3,1); 14- Sound inexperienced, reportedly (4); 16- Actually, neither daughter is debt-ridden (2,3,3); 18- Finger a troop (7); 19- Let down old German communist (7); 22- Indian resorting to the hock shop? (6); 23- Choose accommodation with telephone (2-3); 24- Bind or untie, perhaps (5); 27- Male Eskimo has what's left (4);