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Print Puzzle - "All fool's day" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 4/3/2009
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1- Drag a quick number on to trick someone (4,1,4,3,2); 4- Cloak, blink and cheat? (8); 7- Fraud in restless thoraxes (4); 9- Play a part, to have someone on, maybe? (3); 10- Help ranks carry a joke to be played on someone (5); 11- _______ or treat? Not today! (5); 14- Dupe! (4); 15- New lids scramble to deceive (7); 19- Cheat or swindle (7); 20- Fool in super duper frame! (4);
2- Provide shelter to cheat (4,2); 3- Cheat, not only in a card game (6); 5- Not inside but intelligent to hoax? (6); 6- Blame bozo to confuse true motives (9); 8- What month is it? (5); 12- Crayon's edges carry cheat (3); 13- Teach badly to deceive (5); 14- Today's the _____ of the month (5); 16- Foolishly eluded to be dishonest with! (6); 17- Something funny, to be played on a friend, maybe? (4); 18- Tease a child (3);