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Print Puzzle - "Sevens and Threes" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 3/18/2009
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1- Ran backwards to rate and recount (7); 5- Calm like largest water body (7); 9- Through caviar center? (3); 10- Case with cad? Fall down like waterfall (7); 11- Tiny carnivorous fish take nap, hair tangled (7); 12- These are real, valued property, not like broken tea sets (7); 13- Headless coaching for falling cats and dogs? (7); 14- This comedian doesn't take anything sitting down! (5-2); 16- Dogs pull these small, south ledges (7); 18- A model's change into Rosetti's blessed woman (7); 22- Signals again to step down (7); 26- First lady starts between afternoon and night (3); 27- Not a master of giddy taverns? (7); 28- Cat breed, not necessarily from Thailand (7); 29- Dizzily led pins that pricked Sleeping beauty's finger? (7); 30- Pull ten backwards for a trawler's seine (7); 31- They end days and begin nights? (7); 32- Sun seer interprets and makes certain (7);
1- Atomic centre leaves U.S uncle confused (7); 2- Stone to decipher hieroglyphics rotates anew (7); 3- Noisily taped short advertisement and adjusted to fit (7); 4- Adjust for odds going down (5,2); 5- Spray up crumpled material of Pharoah's journals? (7); 6- Curse holds four romans for writing longhand script (7); 7- Setting boundaries with a rapier? (7); 8- Alters to convert hollow challenges (7); 15- Utilize a headless fuse (3); 17- Caustic soda sounds untrue (3); 18- Funny diets? Yes, yes, stops it! (7); 19- Shuffled ATM Rani comes from the red planet (7); 20- Yes, walk like a duck to wrap an infant! (7); 21- Muddled settler writes these to communicate (7); 22- Change side inside, rue what's left! (7); 23- Egyptian beetles misread as crabs (7); 24- Fresher or more naive, like neighbour's grass? (7); 25- Lushest puzzle for detectives (7);