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Print Puzzle - "You Lucky People" by Dean Rockett on 12/27/2005
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1- Brainteaser such as this!; 9- Part of a sweater where you might find an arm; 10- Beer you make yourself; 11- Capital city of Brazil; 13- Dustin Hoffman movie, "___ versus Kramer"; 15- Exotic Oriental entertainers; 20- Conjoined siblings; 24- Used to steer a ship; 26- Level of importance; 30- Hypotheses; 31- Not awake; 32- Escalator;
2- Measuring stick, head of state; 3- Garden stores, gets rid of; 4- You might mount a tire onto this; 5- Listened again; 6- Hallowe'en fruit; 7- Black and white striped animal; 8- Name for a man - Ted is an abbreviated version; 11- Australian outback; 12- Religion; 14- Female horses; 15- John Logie ___ invented the television; 16- Affirmative answer; 17- Part of a play; 18- Largest city in Africa; 19- Kill; 21- Piece of jewellery; 22- Elaborate; 23- Latin phrase meaning, "for the time being"; 25- Hindu loincloth; 27- Nationality of a person from Baghdad; 28- Antiquity; 29- Plait;