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Print Puzzle - "Back from Hiatus" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 3/8/2009
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1- Villages for princes of Denmark? (7); 4- Released group without charge (3,4); 8- Hit weapon for a dart shooter (7); 10- Took a seat in glossy fabric (5); 11- Ms. or Mr. Header? (5); 12- Stun all in order to remove a computer program? (9); 13- Particle moving faster than light spins on yacht? (7); 14- Ambassador's home in mess bay? Ridiculous! (7); 16- Laser disc and alchemy? Might have cause for public outrage (7); 19- Miss ice dances of earthquakes (7); 22- Non-sticky treacle? No patience (9); 24- Headless climbing frame? It sums up all right! (5); 25- Scrutinize accounts in short casting trial (5); 26- Used prickly plant to make the slit? (7); 27- Many charged particles for skin ointments (7); 28- Professions ever squashed into cars (7);
1- Custom at a natural environment (7); 2- Looks like a bird of prey (5-4); 3- Unburns to treat erythema solare (7); 4- Famous painted roof chapel is set in order (7); 5- Four worn by ballerinas? (5); 6- Roads for planes (7); 7- Fairly and evenly (7); 9- Controversial topic of the eye (5); 15- Army officer is supposedly big raider (9); 16- Fix windcatcher and launch the boat (3,4); 17- Eat salt compound - the barest minimum (2,5); 18- Cough medicine in hollow clinging cactus (7); 19- No Clue; 20- In the middle of timid staff? (5); 21- Cool-headed rulers turn crowning glory setters (7); 23- FM or AM? (5);