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Print Puzzle - "Staying Up" by Dean Rockett on 12/22/2005
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1- Cause physical harm; 4- Given a better job within the same company; 10- Lost through carelessness, like trust; 11- Heavy lifting gear, wading bird; 12- Centre of an apple; 13- Inability to wait; 15- Beirut is the capital city of this country; 16- Chooses, especially for government; 19- Improved physically; 21- Pair of lines in a poem; 23- Nationality of someone from Brisbane; 25- Russian emperor; 27- Yellowy brown color, military uniform; 28- Clicking pendulum used to keep time; 29- Wired message; 30- Dry spots, Spanish beaches;
1- Residence; 2- Unhappy; 3- Strong wind; 5- Shine, glow; 6- Automatic weapon, as used by George Kelly; 7- Mark ___, creator of Huckleberry Finn; 8- Less shallow; 9- Aptitude, insight; 14- Not at all worrying; 17- Unbelievable yarn; 18- Opening courses; 20- Problem; 21- Pure, virtuous; 22- Woven container where the dog might sleep; 24- Cloak worn by women; 26- Ringlet;