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Print Puzzle - "Halloween Mind Melter" by Jim Walsh on 11/2/2008
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1- After-bath powder; 5- Goose egg; 9- Armenian sweet bread; 13- Biblical brother; 14- Departure; 15- Fertilizer ingredient; 16- Dangerous biters; 17- Home, informally; 18- Small Hawaiian hardwood tree; 19- Phrase uttered by children on Halloween: 3 wds; 22- Solvent; 25- One of 3 Greek goddesses collectively known as the 'Horae', she was the one in charge of peace and prosperity; 26- On Halloween night, it is said that spirits are allowed to come out of this place to walk the Earth: 3 wds; 30- Shipping weights; 31- __ Studios (Australian video game company); 32- Babysitter's handful; 35- Arabic for "commander"; 36- Covered with heavy undergrowth; 37- Delight; 38- It can be hi or lo; 39- Frontier legend Daniel; 40- Give a warning; 41- Spiritual place?: 2 wds; 43- Star in Aquila; 46- Confederate Civil war general Thomas; 47- According to folklore, witches use these for transportation: 2 wds; 51- Mango-like fruit from Nepal; 52- Cartoon secret agent Flux; 53- "Ah, me!"; 57- Apply some ointment; 58- Double-decker checker; 59- Author Janowitz; 60- When said three times, a W.W. II film; 61- "Do ___ others as..."; 62- Biol. subject;
1- Oolong, for one; 2- Balaam's mount; 3- Drink from a dish; 4- Business patron; 5- Highest point; 6- Board member, for short; 7- Classic board game; 8- Comic strip canine; 9- Sicilian city; 10- In a place that protects you from the weather, especially when on a ship: 2 wds; 11- Japanese business theory that states a company can improve itself by improving workers; 12- Anime princess; 15- Indigenous to the area; 20- Snitches; 21- American science fiction author Tom; 22- Behind; 23- Bowling division; 24- Large-eyed lemur; 27- Ancient Philistine city; 28- Permit; 29- Parched Indian corn, usually served mixed with sugar; 32- Blockage of the intestine; 33- Italian river; 34- Fizzle, with "out"; 36- Market town; 37- Sub order of insects of the butterfly family; 39- Term used to refer to an employee of a certain international consulting company; 40- Medieval kingdom, located in what is now called the state of Assam in northern India; 41- Native British Colombian people, or their language; 42- Insect-eating tropical bird; 43- Musical key: 2 wds; 44- Grassy plain; 45- Someone who uses a keyboard; 48- Azerbaijan's capital; 49- Scout leader?; 50- Erdu word for camel; 54- PC linkup: Abbr; 55- Doc bloc: Abbr; 56- Had a seat;