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Print Puzzle - "Fantasia" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 10/27/2008
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1- Distressed legendary woman in reservoir with short retailer? (6); 5- Detective in residences with short light? (6); 8- Peer, yes! Definitely not late (5); 9- Part of play before charged particle gets something done (6); 10- Fighters in the arena leave lariat gods tangled (10); 11- Reflect off crochet I muddled (8); 14- Northern pointer is not wide (6); 17- Cast aspersion by indistinct speech (4); 18- Poisonous? botox ice should help! (5); 19- Southern Kew's twist through an angle (4); 20- Swindlers who cheat Messrs.Smith? (6); 22- Keeps up reversed American blots (8); 25- Ape's mizen peach scrambled (10); 27- Clock face's up for internet access type (4-2); 28- Rent a flipped easel (5); 29- Cuddle in bird's home by French article. (6); 30- Run tea mixture for essential quality (6);
1- One who sells or distributes - cards? (6); 2- I'm tangled in gossamer indicates earthquakes (10); 3- How long is it from tails of tensile strength? (6); 4- Dorcas caught a killer whale (4); 5- Clean and sterile, but creaky icy hinge (8); 6- Autobiography in infra red after reminder (6); 7- Look and looked - goes up and down in a playground (6); 12- I hear gum needed for icy hut (5); 13- Texas flips out over Government dues (5); 15- Relax and mouth off around gold at dining-house (10); 16- Great expanse of water - can't cross in hybrid canoe (5); 18- Deca hears block partner is one of octopii's eight (8); 20- Double company on pupal envelope (6); 21- Hear negative voice votes from horse's mouth? (6); 23- Country Ed between directions (6); 24- It's ample for hiding a specimen? (6); 26- Strong eagerness for mixed headless glaze (4);