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Print Puzzle - "Harry's Back" by Dean Rockett published on 12/17/2005
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8- The sixth month of the year; 9- South American camel; 10- Highway; 11- Fairground ride, known as a bumper car in the UK; 12- Romans, Venetians, Genoese, etc; 13- Arachnid with a sting in its tail; 15- Canadian capital city; 17- Meat-free fast food item; 20- Felt hat, as worn by Freddy Krueger; 22- The "Cornhusker State" of America; 24- Knock down, especially when related to a building; 26- Affectionate touches of the lips; 28- Fossil fuel; 29- Yellow fruit; 30- Writing table;
1- Martial art; 2- Breakfast meal containing rice; 3- Graduates; 4- Songs adopted by countries; 5- Underground tunnel where bodies would be buried; 6- Painter; 7- Farm outbuilding; 14- French pancake; 16- Ruin, like a sunken ship; 18- "Is This The Way To ___", song by Tony Christie; 19- "Bohemian ___", classic Queen track; 21- Peter ___ starred in "Lawrence of Arabia"; 23- Female swimsuit; 25- Greek god of love; 27- Straightforward;