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Print Puzzle - "3 Named Bluesmen" by Jim Walsh on 9/25/2008
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1- #1 spot; 5- Call at first; 9- Block: 2 wds; 14- ___ Pet (novelty item); 15- Feather barb; 16- Ancient assembly area; 17- Self-taught Mississippi guitarist who recorded on the old Paramount label in the 1930's; 20- Build up; 21- Noodle concoctions?; 22- Aviary sound; 23- Ancient; 25- Cookbook amt.; 28- Joke with; 29- First name in mystery; 31- Cartoon canine; 33- Rainbow ___; 34- Pertaining to the area of the leg between the knee and foot; 35- Blues legend whose career spanned 5 decades from 1940's - 1990's; 38- Shaped like a wedge; 39- River in N. Italy; 40- Soviet craftsman's collective; 41- Ratos De __ (Brazilian metal band); 42- Shock absorber; 45- "Phooey!"; 46- Bank deposit?; 47- Part of a sari; 49- Really enjoy; 52- Countenance; 53- He was believed to be the first country blues singer to record for Paramount; 57- Substance derived from a tropical plant toxin: Var; 58- Burn; 59- Ugandan dictator Idi; 60- William and Charles (famous doctors); 61- Cousin of a gull; 62- Haitian drum;
1- Antiaircraft fire: Hyph; 2- Overly stylish; 3- Cut into small pieces; 4- Kind of tidal flow; 5- Loafer, e.g.; 6- American Airlines ICAO designation: Abbr; 7- Away; 8- Having more of a certain tree growing; 9- Hamlet, e.g.; 10- Eastern pooh-bah; 11- Dampness; 12- Web address: Abbr; 13- Amigo; 18- Heavenly; 19- Out of the ordinary; 23- Chills and fever; 24- Guard; 26- Antares, for one; 27- Campaigner, for short; 30- "Mama" speaker; 31- Pertaining to the face; 32- Gospel writer; 33- Quaker's "you"; 34- Mrs. Dithers in "Blondie"; 35- Isle in Western Scotland; 36- En route: 3 wds; 37- Drove; 38- Car for hire; 41- Term, considered a slur by some, used to refer to Roman Catholics; 42- Hematologist's study; 43- Referring to certain aquatic organisms; 44- A female chaperon; 46- Blazer, e.g.; 48- Al-__ (old Egyptian capital); 50- Sleek, for short; 51- Caddie's bagful; 52- Water planet from the 'Star Wars' saga; 53- Depress, with "out"; 54- Mouths, in zoology; 55- Confederate general; 56- Glass container;