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Print Puzzle - "Crucigrama" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 8/24/2008
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1- Idler confused about snores in light rain (7); 5- Twisted boat in south gets what's needed (7); 8- Memory loss? Yes, and anemia (7); 10- A teen confused; Consumed? (5); 11- A detailed, alphabetical list? (5); 12- On and on around, I make you cry! (5); 13- Hustles up some detectives (7); 15- Large island group in the south Pacific ocean (7); 16- Cling, that is, to top of a room (7); 19- Chips off bits to create a work of art (7); 23- Electric action may house desert plants (5); 24- Groat deciphered using secret language (5); 26- Unchanging, like the rent I turned in (5); 27- Ancient stringed instrument or Italian liqueur made from elderberries (7); 28- This insect can trim a tee from inside (7); 29- Not in moderation! (7);
1- Sahara, Gobi, Mojave... (7); 2- No limit at East can contain what a mimic does (7); 3- Member of a Jewish movement (7); 4- Type of african antelope (5); 5- Cursed boon Sioux got - it's offensive (9); 6- Someone from Rome (7); 7- Anna vastly reflected on grasslands (7); 9- Certainly, with a slur sounds like the coast (5); 14- An exclusive indication of true gains (9); 16- Set trigger in excavation, sit here to fly a plane (7); 17- Teeth - can they be used to make surgical cuts? (7); 18- Idiot's theorem contains a turn of phrase at edges (5); 20- High strung and tense - quite literally! (7); 21- Use bits from epaulettes to mix a range of colours (7); 22- Michelangelo painted this chapel's ceiling! (7); 25- Protective and coloured coat given to a ceramic object (5);