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Print Puzzle - "August Moon" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 8/4/2008
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1- Clean using nothing? (6); 4- Hoard of precious gems in tricky measure limits (8); 8- Abrupt or unexpected, like soapy study? (6); 9- Last month in short (3); 10- Roam as confused smells? (6); 11- Endless useless; Random facts (6); 12- Minor nature goddess scattered in symphony (5); 13- Meteor scrambled for distant control (6); 16- Gives in and mixes lid? yes! (6); 18- A slip from marquis might fidget and wiggle (6); 21- Storeys, present in single storey buildings too! (6); 24- This country's capital is New Delhi (5); 25- Cuban socialist leader Fidel _______ (6); 26- Liveliness of mind in a muddled priest (6); 27- Consume bit of meat (3); 28- Workplace (6); 29- Careless, mainly about danger (8); 30- Brokenly act shy about these vessels (6);
1- Someone who drops's in a visor (7); 2- Acid mum made into element (7); 3- Twisted unnamed everyday thing (7); 4- In Christianity, rules written down by God (3,12); 5- Ahem, path you follow when you identify with another (7); 6- Donald Duck's uncle, Dickensian miser (7); 7- Memory aid swallows adjective for leftover? (9); 14- Quiet six after East, wrought into delicate perfection (9); 15- Decay backwards for rocky peak (3); 17- International baseball league, in short (3); 19- Where one might wear blades and make figure eights (3,4); 20- Two or more substances, mixed but not bonded (7); 21- Manufacturing plant of truth or assent? (7); 22- Torch is twisted into large bird (7); 23- A plumbing fixture that sprays water (7);