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Print Puzzle - "Cryptanalysis" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 7/8/2008
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1- Mixed meals at site of witch trials? (5); 3- An excuse, maybe of being somewhere else during a crime (5); 6- Encourage a chick container over to victory (3,2); 7- Animal; the one who married beauty (5); 8- Sharp pointed tailor's tools (7); 9- Goodbye in Paris! (5); 10- Improvise, like shortened commercial and liberty? (2-3); 12- Swinging to and fro, like ill coasting pendulum (11); 15- Closer from cholestrol, a place to stay overnight, maybe (5); 16- Encroaches upon, or enters forcefully (7); 18- One of Homer's epic poems (5); 20- Components for preparing or twistedly tenderizing a dish? (11); 22- Let it be the name! (5); 23- He stuffs stockings on Christmas Eve (5); 24- Tune pen into farthest planet (7); 25- Members of Hitler's party? (5); 26- Tailed heavenly body may come tomorrow? (5); 27- Mixed chat, yes for a sailing vessel (5); 28- Mixture of uncooked vegetables (5);
1- Yes, abba there has a day set aside for worship (7); 2- Set right teal biomes, use organic processes like digestion (10); 3- Once a year, like you in the annal? (6); 4- A magician hidden in silt; Louis is confused (11); 5- Piece of information sent in untidy era? (7); 11- Hoary plight resolves into printing technique (11); 13- A likeness, like that seen in a mirror or photograph (5); 14- Helpers or aides (10); 17- Carnivorous fish in a mixed hair pan? (7); 19- Clothed or decorated? (7); 21- The nicest unravelled could be a bug? (6);