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Print Puzzle - "Letter setter" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 6/17/2008
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1- Twisted Idiocy rant may need this reference book to decipher (10); 5- Unyielding business establishment (4); 7- Not regular, like a twisted ric rate (7); 8- Cleaning or sprinkling powder on? (7); 9- Fiscal pellet may contain a surgical knife (7); 12- Go rig amigo with folded paper art (7); 13- Eastern capital sounds like highway to wear away (5); 14- Grant a pardon to many set again (7); 17- Extra Sensory Perception (3); 18- They remove pencil, chalk or marker lines? (7); 20- Neon, with an unknown becomes another rare gas (5); 21- Pasta with filling in vial, or I am mistaken. (7); 23- Colouring a can can? Good!! (7); 25- Buy or gain, a mixed cue at Iraq (7); 26- African grassland seen in NASA van (7); 27- Completely free from mental disorder (4); 28- Spacewalkers, might have mixed oats in Saturn V? (10);
1- Costumed trial run before the big day? (5,10); 2- Extra illusion may contain tracks to follow? (5); 3- Delicate weaving around collar? No, they're jewelery (9); 4- East in revolving door may show some cowboy skills (5); 5- Extreme tiredness - of a soldier on kitchen duty, perhaps? (7); 6- It makes small things look big - part of a detective's kit (10,5); 10- Ancient Greek marketplace inside an argonaut (5); 11- Sounds like harmony, a segment or section. (5); 14- Mixed pie repast served before a meal ? (UK spelling) (9); 15- President of the United States from 1969 to 74 (5); 16- Moses received the Ten Commandments on this peak, according to the Bible (5); 19- Taking possession by legal process may lead to epileptic fit (7); 22- Emits a number of things on a list (5); 24- Woman in atria, befuddled by wearing a jeweled headdress (5);