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Print Puzzle - "Short one" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 5/20/2008
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1- Booklet of cafe be mixed into large illustrated volume? (15); 9- With no foundation, in a way? (8); 10- Tacit, I estimate has large urban areas? (6); 11- Viewpoint or prospect of a spectacled woman? (6); 12- Muse, health is straight for Old Testament patriarch, grandfather of Noah (10); 14- Pertaining to the sun, moon and stars? (10); 17- Confused Vet ran an inn? (6); 20- Protected against a virus? (6); 21- Commanded or guided, perhaps actors in films (8); 22- The supreme deliberative assembly of the United Nations (7,8);
2- Large water bodies can't be crossed in twisted canoes (6); 3- Become solid on cooling? (6); 4- Outcast, twists and splits, and enacts (4,3); 5- Time to start sleeping? (7); 6- Pertaining to the East, in a way? (8); 7- ________ abbey: Traditional place of coronation for English monarchs (11); 8- Treatment of diseases using needles (11); 13- An approximate amount or appraisal (8); 15- Need a twisted querier? (7); 16- Nelson ______ : Former South African president (7); 18- A person who suffers due to violence, maybe? (6); 19- Sorrowful, in a way? (6);