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Print Puzzle - "Sunday Challenge" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 5/12/2008
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1- A book of maps, alas, fitted to a T? (5); 3- Tangled mesh lap by disrespect towards God? (9); 7- Edges of Knight's strife may have cutting instrument (5); 8- Null point out of globulin for a desert (4); 9- Hunger or craving of confused pet at pie bakery? (8); 11- Necessitate, involve unavoidable in bent ailment? (6); 13- British theoretical physicist, a Nobel laureate (5); 15- This packet shows its strength when dropped in hot water! (3,3); 17- A dictionary by another name confuses line cox (7); 19- Turn on a pivot, like a revolving chair? (6); 20- Humped animal (5); 22- Watching or observing using equipment one is born with? (6); 24- Reserves or sets aside aural organ symbols? (8); 26- Second letter in the Greek alphabet (4); 27- She had adventures in Wonderland (5); 28- Like birds or some pillows? (9); 29- Footwear, like tangled hoses? (5);
1- Ungainly and clumsy, in a hawk? ward it off (7); 2- Endless glasses may be something worth looking at (9); 3- Prejudiced and intolerant person in a big ottoman (5); 4- Vaguely tilts toe in dagger like shoe? (8); 5- Earth may shake to become your body's pump? (5); 6- Piece of wood traditionally burnt on Christmas Eve (4,3); 10- Oval shaped, like how the earth moves around the sun? (7); 12- A collection, of photographs or music? (5); 14- European river, passing through Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France etc? (5); 16- East, North direction finder to cover and include (9); 18- Legible? I might have scrawled it, but definitely qualified (8); 19- Law enforcing officer of a county, he riffs a bit? (7); 21- Heeds a sound start with silent confusion? (7); 23- Got in flipped for a metal block (5); 25- Prize for a hospital room? (5);