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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (15)" by Bill Hunter on 5/5/2008
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1- after land or sea; a panorama; 6- 'Cream' song with about 10 lyrics; "I'm so..."; 10- ... and alack; 14- having external auditory organs; 15- 'Beach Boys' Mike; 16- misplace your keys, for example; 17- 'Lemon Tree' singer; 18- lead guitar of band in 6; 19- General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs, briefly; 20- having a slope or cant; 21- assistant or helper; 22- Linc Hayes 70s 'do'; 23- Dan Blocker on 'Ponderosa'; 25- Ozzie & Harriet family; 27- 3 tsp; 31- Master called his charge 'Grasshopper'; 32- Inst. for Tone Deafness, for short; 33- the most famous cookie to be dunked in milk; 34- 4-letter band of over-indulgence; 35- plays between center and tackle; 40- part of a turtleneck sweater worn under a shirt! how cool!; 42- Gerry took the ferry across; 43- individual units of a medication; 44- therefore, in ancient Rome; 46- Cleo's river; 47- 'Body Snatchers' cocoon; 49- article before soft-h words; 50- 'Simon' game of imitation; 51- one of the crows with their own cartoon show; 55- Andy Brown's comedic partner; 57- Russian mountain range; 58- Python's Eric; 60- after hours teacher; 65- basically an enclosed golf cart auto; Cooper (is there a full-sized version?); 66- unit of 'pressure' in an electric current; 67- evade or avoid by stealth, trickery; 68- a pictured representation of something else; 69- the Muriel cigar girl; 70- Heston's movie portrays Rodrigo Diaz, Spanish hero; 71- dark and dreary; 72- Supremes' lead; 73- Luke, Bo, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse;
1- the created movie environs used in scenes; 2- Mr. Cosmos; 3- opera solo; 4- 60s USPS code for PA; 5- Mrs. Bunker; 6- Ralph Cramden, for real; 7- belongs to Ms. Loughlin of 'Full House'; 8- enthusiastic, eager; 9- 60s way of asking if you have clothes on; "Are you...?"; 10- algae like; 11- just add an 's' to a unit of bread; 12- Elroy's dog; 13- Catholic 'Hall' University in New Jersey; 24- Ron Howard's first TV role; 26- live on it, precariously; 27- SNLs Murray "Touchy Feely" boyfriend of Ratner's Lisa; 28- Scandinavian maker of original 'Labyrinth' game: keep the marble from falling through the hole in the maze.; 29- Strategic Energy Command Services, for short; 30- Annie cooked this salad; 32- depends on the meaning of this word, per Mr. Clinton; 36- large vases, frequently with a spigot; 37- largest continent; 38- to depend on confidently; 39- RIT makes these types of cloth colorants; 41- Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott show; 42- 78s and 45s pre-stereo recordings; 44- the talking horse; 45- two cells that form a zygote; 48- Lisa's husband on the farm; 51- sticky weather that's 'close' in the South; 52- 'soaps' Miss Kane; 53- noted Japanese camera maker; 54- Schultz's commandant; 55- paired with Chalmers, former tractor manufacturer; 56- male half of 'The Avenger's'; 59- extinct flightless bird; 61- Underwriter's Labs Literature Unit, for short; 62- Robin's monk friend; 63- one of 'King Leonardo's' short subjects, Colognie; 64- Cinn. baseballers, for short;