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Print Puzzle - "One Milan" by Dean Rockett on 12/7/2005
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9- Seasonal tale written by Charles Dickens; 10- Frustrates; 12- Milk is a good source of this; 13- Bad breath; 14- Florida is one, and so is Illinois; 15- Perforated writing sheet; 18- Sixsomes; 21- Milan and Rome are large cities in this country; 23- Chewing gum flavour; 25- Things can seem to vanish into this; 26- Plunder and pillage; 29- Poem dedicated to someone or something; 30- Small door for felines; 31- Takes hostage; 32- ___ Peron, also known as Evita;
1- Very quick; 2- Masticate; 3- Water pill; 4- Inactivity; 5- Unconsciousness; 6- Burns, usually with hot water; 7- Annoy, vex; 8- Mountaineers; 11- The organ of love!; 15- Shooting pain down the back and leg; 16- Waste away physically; 17- Strong fastening line used on camping trips; 19- Song played to a woman to express love; 20- Loose fitting cloak; 22- Annually; 24- Exclamation, as shouted by Archimedes; 27- Not at home; 28- Passionate embrace involving the lips;