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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (14)" by Bill Hunter on 4/18/2008
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1- Ed Harris journey to the bottom of the sea, 'glowing creatures world'; 6- San Fran Warriors 'Big Man', Thurmond; 10- Steve Douglas' offspring; 14- waist-worn fish basket; 15- 'stuff' contained within a triangle or square ?; 16- haircut style, similar to a 'Princeton' without the wax!; 17- host city for Don Johnson's detective show; 18- foot terminations; 19- suffix for belly, heart, head; 20- a set of moral rules; 21- Opie's Bee; 22- medieval 'strummer'; 23- face-painted Rock Band; 25- single publication of a magazine; 26- a pledge or promise; 30- cartoon Bloodhound 'detective'; 32- double-reeded long clarinet; 33- loss of blood in the face; 34- teensy-weensies; 39- a belief contrary to orthodoxy; 41- intermittent constriction of airways; 42- Lakers' Chamberlain nickname; 43- 'toss your cookies', briefly; 46- a 'Binford 4700' or 8200B "argh, argh"; 47- low Fe blood condition; 48- to eject or remove from a place; 49- Diver Dan 'villian', barracuda; 53- the area of 90yds on a football field; 55- not 'a-old'?; 56- sheep & goat cheese; 58- stringed instruments of Ancient Greece; 63- tubular hard chocolatey candy; 64- maple genus; 65- actor; Simon Templar; 66- Kovac's wife; 67- dry, crusty junk; 68- Mrs. Lawrence, of the singing duo; 69- a religious sub-group; 70- a buck, in Europe; 71- Fogelberg's "Run for..";
1- where you would order a heat-seeking anvil; 2- Peter Seller's wife, Ms. Ekland(minus 1-'t'); 3- a short yes; 4- the load-carrying part of a 'Big Rig'; 5- Miss Grace, 'White Rabbit'; 6- Ms. Fatale, Pottsylvanian spy; 7- imposed ending of sleep; 8- participant on "Good Beat, Easy to Dance to" show; 9- 180 to W.; 10- cross picket lines to go to work; 11- killer dolphins; 12- sport coat of the 60s; 13- nationality of the "schmernin, mernitz, flermitz" chef; 24- Culp and Cosby show of the 60s; 25- Shazam! a princess superhero; 26- kid's sounds at a 4th of July display; 27- to assist in a wrongdoing; 28- young actress, Ms. Spelling; 29- the only part of her son Thetis didn't dip into the Styx; 31- not you; 35- director; 'Exodus', 'Bunny Lake is Missing', sometimes Nazi officer actor; 36- Brother, where art?; 37- J.J. Evans' father, really; 38- it pours when it rains; 40- Mr. Laurel, of the comedic pair; 41- admired, much further than near; 43- to, or not to..; 44- The 'Hour' of Ted Mack; 45- Mr. Roarke from the 'Island', firstly; 49- what a 'Moon' does to the backside; 50- negative pole of a battery; 51- artifact found at an archeological dig; 52- baby big-eyed night bird; 54- "siwwy wabbit" hunter; 56- Gangster Nelson's cherubic feature; 57- close to beige; 59- Duncan's simple toy; 60- Stieger, Serling, Taylor; collectively; 61- lake bounded by Ontario, Ohio, et al.; 62- clearly visualizes;