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Print Puzzle - "Unravel It" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 4/7/2008
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1- Variation ebbs into shortened forms? (13); 8- Later corrected to be watchful, ready for action? (5); 9- When Idylls tire in confusion, make alcoholic drinks here (10); 10- Play a part, maybe on stage (5); 12- Expert board may purchase without cash? (6-4); 16- LC of LCD screens? (6,7); 19- Scrambled Tau rations? Yes, nothing can go in after this point (10); 22- Makers of heat and chemical resistant glass (5); 24- Twisted Condor can't be in agreement with anything (10); 27- Perfect, best possible or Utopian? (5); 28- Independent, like S and C of SCUBA? (4-9);
1- Day came flustered into a school? (7); 2- Predisposition towards or against tied in an obi? Ask! (4); 3- No start with confused genie, internal combustion type, perhaps? (6); 4- Object of worship needs oil around fixed end? (4); 5- Extreme fear, of a tall error? (6); 6- A synthetic fabric, any long string will have it! (5); 7- Formula one car's break at filling station? (3,4); 11- A substance like sodium carbonate which turns red litmus blue (6); 13- Twists or ails, for popeye? (6); 14- Control horse with these, or tangled siren? (5); 15- This makes washed clothes less wet! (5); 17- Assign a job, to a dot, maybe? (7); 18- Or, an alternative? (7); 20- About something that contains protons, neutrons and electrons? (6); 21- Natural lighting in the night sky, ____ borealis or australis? (6); 23- Delete, maybe pencil traces (5); 25- Democracy and Freedom may contain a primary colour (4); 26- Ink a roll, similar (4);