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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (13)" by Bill Hunter on 4/3/2008
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1- wind direction that would put a sailboat in reverse gear, so to speak; 6- to broadcast a secret, or gossip; 10- it's in the wind, according to band Kansas; 14- raw fish; 15- whispy, open to nature; 16- opp. out of; 17- one of the early comedy impersonators; Nixon, Kissinger; 18- object of game starting "Shirley, Shirley, Bo-Birley"; 19- convert a document to a file; 20- a little 'extra' in a length of rope; 21- to bad-mouth; modern slang; 22- host; 'The American Sportsman', frequently Olympics announcer; 23- Killy's 'equipment'; 25- Elroy's dog; 26- Como's ... Upon a Star; 30- power source type of submarine 'Seaview'; 32- sound of Hello in a canyon; 33- first name of Nelson in 53 across; 34- Sally Rogers of 'Dick Van Dyke Show'; 39- Yogi's little buddy; 41- constructed again; 42- Gladys Kravitz, known as, peeking through the blinds at the neighbors.; 43- Twiggy's 'new skirt'; 46- a lumber 'plant'; 47- a physical likeness that was created on another medium; 48- right of the tens; 49- Steve's singing wife partner; 53- Jeannie's Capt. Nelson employer, for short; 55- healing ooze of succulent plant; 56- assorted boxed chocolates; -man's; 58- 'scales' of the cosmos; 63- black key to the left; 64- not love; 65- more inactive; 66- Barney Miller's Vigoda character; 67- belongs to 'Our Miss Brooks' actress; 68- Bela Lugosi character's title; 69- the created movie environs used in scenes; 70- original TV Batman; 71- Jetson's son;
1- less intense form of begs; 2- 'Night Court' baliff; 3- afloat on the ocean; 4- highly fashionable, stylish; 5- Band: "...flits from shop to shop just like a butterfly"; 6- this little guy would steal your Fritos; 7- a go-between, or an illicit relationship; 8- end in fingers; 9- 'passes' or nights off in tournaments; 10- maybe a slang term for 33s and 45s, even(do you remember) 78s?; 11- version of a film prior to final editing; 12- 'Yellow Submarine' author; 13- his horse was 'Scout'; 24- Green Hornet's assistant; 25- the only company where you could get a 'Road Runner' homing missle launcher; 26- shoot out of Peter Parker's wrists; 27- a pictured representation of something else; 28- uttered while 'swatting away a fly'; 29- 'Freddy the Freeloader', 'Boxcar Willy'; 31- first-person possessive adjective; 35- what you put in a gun; 36- CCR: Who'll stop it?..; 37- Python's Eric; 38- charged serpent-like fish(es); 40- sheriff Andy's son; 41- eliminates, scourges, expunges; 43- Mrs. Kettle, for short; 44- causes to become on fire; 45- most tidy, 'coolest'; 49- the hooks that would pull a bad performer off a stage; 50- dragon sidekick to Kukla; 51- a tongue-in-cheek toast; 52- -adone, -ylene; as a group; 54- Mrs. Kramden; 56- relief sound of a near-miss; 57- Paladin's calling card, "... Gun"; 59- current day version of Ted Mack's show; 60- to make facts, or sights become 'fuzzy'; 61- the 'other' casino town in Nevada; 62- having the 'flavor' of paintings, sculpture, etc.;