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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (12)" by Bill Hunter on 3/30/2008
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1- Felix's roomate; 6- floating explosive; 10- belongs to 'Honeymooners' Norton; 14- disease required the 'Iron Lung'; 15- afloat on the ocean; 16- small, open wound; 17- "... comes Mary"; 18- a unit of pressure; 19- sibling with the same genes; 20- Miss Lenya, better look out for MacHeath; 21- not on the bottom; 22- to seperate, usually violently; 23- a 'Mulligan'; 25- Mr. Badenov, Natasha's boss; 26- The Four: "Sugar Pie"; 30- Leo G. Carroll's spats and tux character; 32- adjacent, touch on edge; 33- w*l, b*h/2; 34- Dave always tried to keep this little rodent ontrack; 39- inventor of the folding fishing rod; 41- discomfort, feeling of discontent; 42- red stitches on a baseball; 43- parts of a play; 46- Steely Dan's 'Peg' album spelled as the continent; 47- orange ice cream on a moveable stick; 48- a 'Can of Worms', or Hornet's ...; 49- Morey Amsterdam character with Rob Petrie; 53- a box, squiggly, or 'flaglet' indicating a pause; 55- some software is friendly to; 56- one of Kingfish's brothers, maybe the smarter; 58- Mary Hartman's 'Reverend Brim'; 63- a regulating decree of behavior; 64- if the 'Georgy Girl' band accomplished their namesake goal; 65- lacking sophistication or knowledge; 66- belongs to Msrs. Dillon, McConaughey; 67- opera solo; 68- pieces used in a game of Dominoes; 69- ... and alack; 70- flamboyant, off-color, seems to suggest speed; 71- aromas, frequently displeasing;
1- 10th birthstone; 2- Vaughan of U.N.C.L.E.; 3- clumped up blood; 4- is not, briefly; 5- 'The Saint', for real; 6- man with the red cape, and Mickey Mouse like hat; 7- an atom with an extra; 8- fiddled about a 'bonfire'; 9- "Brave, Courageous, and Bold"; 10- Elroy's dog; 11- 'engine' of a rowboat ?; 12- Latin "If I Had a Hammer" singer; 13- delivers, mails, or transmits; 24- among others, for short; 25- back then, was marketed as a laxative in a cereal bowl(still is); 26- little 'clickers' on your patten leather dance shoes; 27- double-reeded long clarinet; 28- 'infant' bug; 29- front to back, top to bottom, ... to stern; 31- Bonanza's patriarch; 35- not fat; 36- flower container; 37- teacher Andrea Thomas finds an amulet, Shazam! a superhero; 38- a single liquor served 'straight up'; 40- Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott show; 41- agency source of "snail-mail", for short; 43- 'similie-like' adverb; 44- persistent, as in an ailment or condition; 45- actress Weld; 49- shave cream with highway signs that told a story; 50- customary, status quo; 51- Miss Dawn, 'What's that flower you have on?'; 52- according to Mitch Ryder, devil wears this; 54- saved Ranger, John Reid; 56- admired, much further than near; 57- Ms. Sorvino, Gatsby's 'Daisy'; also Omicron Ceti, a red star; 59- "Kills Bugs Dead"; 60- ICBM tube; 61- not under; 62- Robert Stack of 'The Untouchables";