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Print Puzzle - "Four Letter Challenge" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 3/24/2008
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1- A supermarket, or what one does in it (4); 3- See off from coffee shop to cut up wood, maybe? (4); 5- Fully absorbed in disentangling trap? (4); 7- Short, air conditioned idea may be a corrosive chemical (4); 8- Grannie twisting for bringing in money (7); 10- Your cousin's mother? (4); 12- Jane Austen was this to Pride and Prejudice (6); 15- Tube vision? That's one fantasy too good to be true! (9); 17- I scan out people of Peru before the Spanish conquest (5); 19- The beans used to make chocolate (5); 21- You can't watch the sunset through the portholes here, try the periscope! (9); 24- Horses! (6); 25- Curved, or twisted out of shape (4); 26- Reno guy turned out to be not older, or of the same age (7); 29- Shortly absent without leave (4); 30- French, short, please respond? (4); 31- A sign of tiredness (4); 32- Get up, see the consequences (4);
1- Secure, like an box fitted with a combination lock (4); 2- Writer's label, like Mark Twain, perhaps? (3,4); 3- Flip an icon, it can aid decision making? (4); 4- A ghost or an illusion - of the opera, maybe (7); 5- Radar detection and ranging in short (5); 6- Colour, maybe a different shade of a primary colour (4); 9- Storm, in legalese? (4); 11- National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA), in short? (4); 13- Yes, in France and Denmark, used to call spirits (5); 14- The Illiad or the Odyssey, in the pictures? (4); 16- A preliminary form of a letter promoting compulsory military service (5); 18- ___canal, it links the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea (4); 20- Twisted gore for a fairy tale monster (4); 21- Mary _______ ; The creator of Frankenstein (7); 22- Not idle, like an elk out of the blue sky (4); 23- Seven coloured wonder seen on rainy days (7); 24- This is needed to send a letter, but not an email? (5); 25- Make unclear, like a rapidly moving object (4); 27- Chief God in Norse mythology (4); 28- Can get more from this ancient city! (4);