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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (11)" by Bill Hunter on 3/23/2008
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1- alas and...; 6- 'a really fun time' word in the 70s; 10- a package of house insulation; 14- types: sahimi, makizushi, nigirizushi; 15- wish I had or was that; 16- one of Oliver and Lisa Douglas' green 'plots'; 17- Ms. Weaver's Sci-Fi nemesis; 18- tread + riser; 19- you could never do this to Bond's Martini; 20- walk it at the end of a sword; 21- before ma is the grand movie; 22- Gigayears; 23- floating yuck on a pond; 25- brought us the "Nairobi Trio"; 26- Mr. Martindale, gameshow host, always in a plaid sportscoat; 30- 'Uriahed' ?; 32- frequently depicted as a lightbulb; 33- 'stuff' contained within a triangle or square ?; 34- an object embedded into another; 39- Ralph's plumber friend; 41- first country music variety show; 42- John Bee ship went down somewhere in Nassau; 43- et al, expanded; 46- young actress, Ms. Spelling; 47- islands of SE Asia; 48- 9th month, for short; 49- bowling on your lawn!; 53- Beatles 1st drummer, Pete; 55- member of the opposition to the Axis; 56- the night has a thousand of these; 58- cute little back-floating sea mammal; 63- a 'grand' results in 4; 64- that pychedelic 'glow' around your body; 65- goofy 60s jacket with no collar or lapels; 66- assistant or helper; 67- shredded cabbage + mayo; 68- Ward Bond's group of wagons; 69- not more, same, or equal; 70- with mo-, a organized group of sleeping rooms; 71- round rubber gasket, frequently seals 2 pipes;
1- acronymn; now, or need it yesterday; 2- soothe, calm, pacify. noun or verb; 3- largest continent; 4- an early Chinese Wu dynasty, also an MLB pitcher; 5- 'Well Respected Man' group; 6- one who reponds to an 'S.O.S'; 7- freebie: intimae; lining of an artery if you must; 8- Hasbro's Lightbulb cooker; 9- Gutenberg's castings; 10- rhymes with caser: more on the bottom?; 11- to make a decision on a choice; 12- 'Lemon Tree' singer; 13- brief and pithy, to the point; 24- white-suited Chinese detective; 25- the 'Dutch Masters' girl; 26- doesn't lose; 27- modern Ted Mack "Amateur Hour"; 28- fiddler in the flames; 29- Clousseau's karate chopping manservant; 31- Lorne Greene, to his sons; 35- dragged in the water to catch fish; 36- dealer's box of cards; 37- Hugh O'Brian's cowboy character; 38- a dufus, ignoramus; 40- sheriff Andy's son; 41- big Stetson hatted son on 'The Ponderosa'; 43- a commercial, for short; 44- not conservative; 45- 'teeter-totters'; 49- minimum activity of an organism; 50- 'big man' partner of Laurel; 51- wraps one material with another; 52- Central Youth Magnetic Energy Society, for short; 54- originator of "Kemo Sabe"; 56- -wood; 'Dirty Harry'; 57- the tide of Christmas; 59- short name for a territory; 60- resident of Bangkok; 61- ... Go Braugh; 62- a slat on a rope ladder;