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Print Puzzle - "Wordy Fun" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 3/2/2008
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1- Vocabulary of Cox? Line drawn at dictionary usage. (7); 3- The Netherlands by another name (7); 6- Spectacles or goblets; or simply transparent materials (7); 9- So, usage is twisted into a state of matter, not solid or liquid? (7); 10- Carp from replacement gives a component or chemical substance - not a compound (7); 12- A wilted flower may drop around zero (5); 13- Sure's confused about consumers (5); 14- More stiff or closely packed, right, ET? (7); 15- Kingdom to which mushrooms belong (5); 17- Son from barn owl? A noisy fight (5); 18- North American reindeer (7); 21- First Greek letter oiling out of Anglophobia (5); 22- Light amplification with stimulated emission of radiation, in short (5); 25- Pasta in flat, wide strips, Garfield's favourite (7); 26- A bright green precious stone (7); 27- Acute, to an extreme degree, within ten sets? (7); 28- Names of people, places or things? (5); 29- Efficient use of resources handled by C.O with twisted money (7);
1- Short leg; ends with a traditional story (6); 2- Money kept aside for yet to be hatched chick? (4,3); 3- Topmost in dizzy heights (7); 4- Plant used in skin care, love a ear made up with it. (4,4); 5- Having power to use any method of eradication; of ad spoils? maybe! (8); 7- Ammunition in short? (4); 8- Critical, or inclined to doubt? (spelt with a c) (9); 11- Blurt tune which varies irregularly (9); 15- Treat fly set for excessive praise (8); 16- French emperor, he was exiled to Elba (8); 19- Lives in confused desires (7); 20- Purse tube may mean a Scottish wind instrument? (7); 23- Rotate rapidly within grasping distance (4); 24- Not frequently (6);