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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (10)" by Bill Hunter on 2/24/2008
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1- Mr. Wills, consummate cowboy; 6- Bob Hayes, Nolan Ryan adjective; 10- detective show from Miami; 14- Marconi 'box' led to music in the air; 15- with -ly: two brothers of "Bye Bye Love"; 16- moniker of Hamburger chain of the century; 17- 'Easy Bakes' taught your toddler how to cook!; 18- actor's personification; 19- flies straight; 20- circle symbol of 60s; 21- can be ceramic or porcelain; 22- make-shift beds in a barracks; 23- a legal tie: He --, She --; 25- 'Eli's Comin': how many in the band?; 26- Marty's kid sidekick at the Triple R Ranch; 30- in marbles, the see-through one; 32- very tall director of "Best Little Whorehouse", Tommy; 33- Cinn. baseballers, for short; 34- Cobb's nickname fruit; 39- anarchist fifth, alternative to the fourth; 41- heartfelt high price paid; 42- -synthesis, -graphy; 43- 'rolling' audio media; 46- the continuous stitch on a baseball; 47- C'mon, smile on your brother; 48- air intake of boredom; 49- set of architectural drawings; 53- portion of the whole; 55- vertical measurement of a roof ridge above wall height; 56- was the culmination of gestation; 58- according to the backpage of comic books, he could pull a train, and you could too!; 63- "puts" a signature to a contract or document; 64- where the Drifters go on the roof to get away (2); 65- Rocket J. sidekick; 66- a competitive track event; 67- a rundown diner or hotel; 68- adopted youngest of 'My Three Sons'; 69- finishes; 70- avocado or peach 'pit'; 71- a short, quick peek;
1- one of corn, wheat, barley; 2- to possess; 3- frequently depicted as a lightbulb; 4- Mr. Hayes of 'Mod Squad'; 5- doesn't win; 6- capable of producing growth; 7- prevented from happening; 8- accept money for; 9- 'grown-up' acorn; 10- portal to a roof or ship's deck; 11- snafu, goof, may result in a glitch; 12- opp. of chronic; 13- not those...; 24- one of Oliver and Lisa Douglas' green 'plots'; 25- Gutenberg's castings; 26- tread + riser; 27- a BlackJack tie; 28- opp. out of; 29- a single liquor served 'straight up'; 31- 'similie-like' adverb; 35- Nicholson's '5 Pieces'; 36- w*l, b*h/2; 37- bear 'fingernail'; 38- religious song; 40- pump-up spinning toys; 41- Bambi family; 43- bad-boy Terrell Owens, for short; 44- to ok; 45- intended, designed an end result; 49- a number with only 2 divisors; 50- made of flax fiber, bedsheets for example; 51- 'axed' in Eubonics; 52- basket homes to birds, squirrels, et al; 54- domesticates, or defuses; 56- belongs to 'Father Knows Best' son; 57- sheriff Andy's son; 59- character actor Rip; 60- last surviving Ranger; 61- largest continent; 62- to pursue, search;