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Print Puzzle - "Merry Christmas '08" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 12/25/2007
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1- Hold a private meeting in photographic equipment (6); 7- Study of sound so caustic? Clear it up! (9); 8- Spread liquid in small droplets (7); 9- Stub and an ant is material for a portuguese handkerchief (7); 10- Between eighth and tenth (5); 11- Rodent Walt Disney created? (6,5); 17- Moscow is its capital (6); 18- Extremely self centred cities go crazy (8); 20- She observes our feathered friends (4,7); 25- Heard misdeeds from then? (5); 27- A tiger cub's mother (7); 28- Abe akin arranged like flowers in Japan (7); 29- Coming out or publishing? (7); 30- Conical tent used by Native Americans of the Great Plains (6);
1- Mixup coins, a gambling room (6); 2- A fool right in the moon? (5); 3- Confuse Human Resource with myth, beat in music (6); 4- Two singles make this, not a couple! (6); 5- Studious one's library may contain a photographers workroom. (6); 6- Heard yes? State property owned in reply (6); 7- Improvised for a specific case, commercial hocus pocus starts? (2,3); 12- A person from Baghdad? (5); 13- Prepare bread dough sounding like a want? (5); 14- Twist omits slightly wet and damp (5); 15- A set of rooms in a hotel, perhaps (5); 16- Inquire about in Alaska (3); 19- Help or aid? Inside class is there. (6); 20- Be alert and cautious, we bear a hidden warning. (6); 21- Detector using radio waves, read forwards or backwards! (5); 22- Contained inside or indoors (6); 23- Roman Arena or a performance under the big top (6); 24- Repeat signal to quit (6); 26- Brother or sister's daughter (5);