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Print Puzzle - "Brand New!" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 12/5/2007
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1- Shake cola for fuel? (4); 3- Gallopers footwear supposed to be lucky (10); 8- Conflict in Greek mythology at worn jar? (6,3); 9- Trendy and fashionable but shy? List confusing! (7); 11- Material at the end of a book, sum close hesistantly? (8); 14- Makes fun of, irritates sea set! (6); 16- Aligns correctly for encoded message or traffic control? (6); 18- British peers watch bouncing laser? (5); 19- American inventor who holds a record number of patents (6); 20- An attorney or solicitor (6); 23- Yet, rolls out into grocery carts? (8); 26- Twisted minders? Assists memory (7); 27- Block letters? Capital! (9); 28- Dial out of diastolic; An unemotional person? (5); 29- Ballet skirt that looks like twenty two? (4); 30- Not open! (4);
1- Close to hide a wardrobe? (6); 2- Left crooked deals for long handled spoons (6); 4- A hot, confused solemnly sworn declaration (4); 5- It's cold holding rebuke or harsh criticism (5); 6- Outer or inner unoccupied area (5); 7- Clambers differently, to mix or cook eggs? (8); 10- Anticipation and apprehension, about the end of a thriller, perhaps? (8); 11- She performs in films and theatre (7); 12- Become liquid, like sugar in water (8); 13- An ass simper's out of spider monkey (6); 15- Person or animal lacking normal pigmentation, like lucid lab ion? (6); 17- Mythological half human, half horse creatures (8); 21- Puts down on paper, in a way? (6); 22- Abstain from, withstand is in rest? (6); 24- Early rickety chest contains poetry (5); 25- Heard direction for fermenting agent (5); 26- Payment for use of property or equipment? (4);