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Print Puzzle - "60s and 70s (9)" by Bill Hunter on 12/1/2007
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1- Unger's roomie; 6- assorted stuff, for short; 10- less intense form of begs; 14- Salk's vaccine; 15- largest continent; 16- 'Hondo' and Robert Urich LAPD show; 17- "... comes Mary"; 18- chocolate chip cookies, of this house; 19- tear, as is rip, yesterday; 20- Sukey, Jenny, Ol' Lucy, and she better look out for MacHeath; 21- tiny nuclear ant hero; 22- a horse color, sometime inspiring the name Chestnut; 23- a 'Mulligan'; 25- Silverheel's sidekick role; 26- approaching closely, but not quite; 30- Cosmo's last name, had a couple of ghosts in his house; 32- -happy; uncontrolled laughter; 33- w*l, b*h/2; 34- according to the backpage of comic books, he could pull a train, and you could too!; 39- "Pocket Fisherman" inventor; 41- Green Giant's little pal; 42- Emma Peel's dapper partner; 43- the extravagant 'Spice Girl'; 46- opp. out of; 47- shredded aluminum foil adorned your Christmas Tree; 48- cat's 'bark'?; 49- bowling on your lawn!; 53- small city; 55- member of the opposition to the Axis; 56- this poke 'sucker' took forever to lick; 58- modernized term for Morrow et al. among soldiers; 63- a 'grand' one results in 4; 64- glowing bulb in your TV or radio; 65- a whole slew; 66- assistant or helper; 67- barely sustains a living; 68- the powder of 'pink cheeks'; 69- more minus some; 70- the bright green competitor to 'Prell' shampoo; 71- with b- is the 'real' version of margarine;
1- October birthstone; 2- Ilya's partner; 3- clumped up blood; 4- is not, briefly; 5- Simon Templar, for real; 6- man with the red cape, and Mickey Mouse like hat; 7- an atom with an extra; 8- ICBM tube; 9- before the storm; 10- Jetson's pet; 11- a girlish faint, like during a Beatles' concert; 12- gold concentration; 13- transcriber using curly-Q language, for short; 24- among others, for short; 25- build a better one, catch a bigger one; 26- agency source of "snail-mail", for short; 27- thickens when circumstances get interesting; 28- 'rolling' audio media; 29- sheriff Andy's son; 31- Bonanza's patriarch; 35- vertical adjustment\displacement of a ship, boat, or aircraft; 36- last surviving Ranger; 37- Detroit's staple; 38- to keep for later, sometimes illegally; 40- Kovac's wife, the Dutch Masters girl; 41- Ed Sullivan's 'Really Big' broadcast; 43- constant of all circles; 44- Mr. Jackson came 'alive' in this Series month; 45- last in a race; 49- minimum activity of an organism; 50- Kukla's sidekick; 51- wraps one material with another; 52- Central Youth Magnetic Energy Society, for short; 54- goofy 60s jacket with no collar or lapels; 56- tread + riser; 57- Granpappy Amos' nephew; 59- Joey's interpretation is 'a cow's point of view'; 60- men's cologne brought to you on a white stallion; 61- live on it, precariously; 62- Bambi family;