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Greetings puzzlers! I construct puzzles as a hobby when I'm not teaching science to high schoolers in Townsend, MA. My puzzles have appeared in Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Sun, The Los Angeles Times, Universal Syndicate, USA Today, Games Magazine, The Forensics Teacher, and other places. I also have put together a few books of puzzles:

Baseball Crosswords, Vol. 2

New England Wordoku: 91 Nifty Puzzles

Arrowwords for a Lazy Afternoon: 81 Soothing, Themed Puzzles

16 X 16 Monster Wordoku: 125 New Cranium-Crushing,
  Monstrously Humongous Wordoku Puzzles from Hell

Teatime Arrowwords: 80 Soothing, Themed Puzzles

Hidden Animals Alphabet Sudoku for Kids: Ages 9-99

TV Crosswords

Baseball Crosswords

Massachusetts Crosswords

Massachusetts Crosswords, Volume 2

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